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de:Benutzerhandbuch/Teil 2 - Die 4 Bildschirme
en:User Manual/Part 2 - The 4 desktops
es:Manual de usuario/Las 4 interfaces
fr:Manuel de l'utilisateur/Ch 2 - Les 4 bureaux
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Depending on what you do, you're going to want to organize your windows differently (specially nice using a small screen, such 13").

You have 4 different game desktops, by default the shortcuts are F1 to F4 (K to change the shortcuts) - keyboard shortcuts are the same in the Game [1].

As the default is number 1, you can add/hide toolbars and a lot of windows by pressing F1 (hold down the key F1 to open this window):

Tools and windows of the screen
Here are some basic keyboard shortcuts
  • F1, F2, F3 and F4: switch on one of your 4 screens (desktops), while
  • holding down the Fx key displays the configuration screen of the screen x (x=1 to 4). It can be used as a reminder of several basic keyboard shortcuts.

On each Fx screen, you can change opacity and hide/show and move several toolbars and windows using

  • Status: Identity (P), Journal of Mission (J), Encyclopedia (Shift+E)
  • Actions & inventory: Inventory (I), action progression (B)
  • Guild and Team: Team (T) and later Guild (G)
  • Communication: fame (Shift+f), web (Shift+W), Friends
  • Orientation: Map
  • Animals: Shift+P (as Pets).
  • Options: Configuration (U), Keybindings (K), Connection (Shift+N as Network) - in here, global to the game.

Some examples:


V3 spe status.pngIdentity (P), Mission (J), Target HP, My bars, Bonus/Malus, Encyclopedia (Shift+E)

Actions & inventory

V3 ICO mission casket.png
Action bar Hands 1 and 2, Inventory (I), action progression (B), active links

Guild and Team

Guild and Team Guild info (G) Guild forum, Team (T)


CommunicationMain chat (X), Contact list (F as Friend), mailbox (izam, Shift+M), fame (Shift+f), web (Shift+W), AppZone


R2 icon map small.png Compass, map (M)


V3 spe beast.pngShift+P (as Pet)


R2 icon preferences.png Configuration (U), Keybindings (K), Macros, Connection (Shift+N as Network), MP3 Player, Taskbar

  1. Better not change them (specially I or P), as they show/hide basic windows of the game... it could be difficult to talk with friends, or the support :)