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en:User:Amosys/Draft/User Manual/User Manual/Part 1 - Create an Account and Avatar
fr:Utilisateur:Amosys/Brouillons/Manuel de l'utilisateur/Ch 1 Créer un compte et un personnage
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To the v3 User Manual and de l'utilisateur v3 FR

Part 1 Install the game (with updates resume) • Create an Account and AvatarFree to Subscribe and Steam • contact support (see An issue to log in?, I need to change my email...)

Part 2 Basic presentation • Advanced Controls on the User Interface (Keys, P I B J M, Avatar Gauges, Compass, Chat (Special command), Target Reticle, Pop-ups, Windows and toolbars) • Use the mapMissions, quest and ritesStore (Mount and Mektoubs, Apartments, Merchants) • Apps (in game, Webapps and API key) • Macros

Part 3 Chat and emotes (Chat, Emotes) • Coma/Death and penalties • Teleportation • Skills (Foraging, Crafting, Fighting) • Guilds and Outpost • MobsCommon Acronyms and Abbreviations • contact Event Team

Part 4 CreditsGNU Free Documentation License

Create an account

To play Ryzom you need an active player account.

On the main login screen, click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT and follow the instructions to open an account on the main server. The account name and password must contain between 5 and 12 lowercase letters or numbers (no symbols can be used). The "username" thus created will be your official account name, but will never be displayed in the game. Press the Submit button when you are finished.

This official account [1] is to be used

Each account has 5 locations, for 5 characters. The character (or avatar, toon) is a homin who represents you in the game.

  • If you are coming back to Ryzom, you can ask Support for a restoration (reserved for subscriber accounts).
  • Steam players can ask to Ryzom Support to unlink their account from Steam [2]

Creating characters

After logging in (under your username, or account name) on the main Atys server, you will see five free slots that you can use to create new characters (in columns on the left side of the screen, they contain large question marks [3]).

To create a new character, select one of these locations and click on the CREATE NEW button in the bottom right corner of the screen (or double click on the chosen free location).

Many of these features will have no impact on the GamePlay (the way of playing), such as the appearance of the face or sex. What at the beginning (new player) will have the most impact is the choice of race [4]. After that (when the character is finished), you will not be able to change race, gender or physical appearance - but, later, on the mainland (after leaving the tutorial island called Silan), you will find tattoo and hairdressers who will ask for dappers (the currency of Atys)...


Your race (CIVILIZATION in the left column) will determine the basic appearance, the initial crafting skill of your character (on Silan, the island that serves as a tutorial, we only learn the nation's craft by default of one of the 4 races) and especially the initial "fame" among the various factions and civilizations (or "nations") of the game.
Your choice of race will not limit you in exploring the world of Ryzom (the planet Atys), nor in learning skills. It's more about the roleplay.


Your gender will change your physical appearance, but will otherwise have no affect on the gameplay. Once you've selected your avatar's gender, proceed to the next step in the column on the left.

OOC: While many female characters are animated by males players, few male characters are animated by female players. Most of RP players will say "She" even knowing IRL it's "he".

Physical appearance

Using the sliders, customize your character's body shape. You can rotate your character by dragging from left to right your mouse left button held and zoom in on it by dragging from front to back your mouse right button held. His physical appearance has no influence on the characteristics (strength, endurance, etc.) of your character. Once you have decided on this appearance, proceed to the next step in the left column.

Facial Customization

Use the sliders to customize your character's face. Depending on your race and gender, you have different possibilities. You can rotate your character's head by dragging your left button mouse from left to right and zooming in on it by dragging your right button mouse back and forth. When you have finished shaping your character's head, proceed to the final step.

Initial skills package

This choice determines the skills and equipment with which your character will begin his life on Atys but has no impact on the gameplay. Your character will start at level 1 in all skills and can increase these levels in any branch without any other being penalized. Use the cursor to choose your initial skill pack (called action pack). This is not very important.

Fame and Alignment

The race of your avatar influences your reputation with the other races and the two great religious powers (called factions), the Kamis and Karavan.

Each of the four races has particular affinities with another and has a particular enmity towards a third.
Each race is by nature more favored by one or the other of the two great religious powers: the Trykers and Matis have the favors of the Karavan while the Zoraïs and Fyros have the favors of the Kamis.
These reputations (known as'fame) are initially between -20 and +20 but may subsequently reach, depending on your actions, any level between -100 and +100. These initial reputations do not oblige you to align yourself with a particular nation or religion: you can choose the nation and church you want (within the limits of playability), or even not choose any at all. In any case, you will only be able to choose these allegiances after you have joined the continent, worked on your different reputations and performed certain rites. It is recommended to think carefully about your "alignment" (at the choice of your faction) because, although it is not irreversible, it is difficult to reverse a maximum reputation (with an initially chosen faction).

The line-up will determine which guilds you can join, which teleport pacts you can get and which players can earn PvP points by fighting you. It will also determine the side that other players will expect you to join in outpost wars.


Animate your finished avatar with the arrow button in the lower mid-left of the screen.
Review your race, gender, civilization, and initial actions; then select the Finish button at the bottom right of the screen. If displayed, select OK to choose the Atys world community.
Next, choose your key configuration; most modern computer users will prefer the arrow keys to move (together with mouse or trackball).

Name Your Avatar

The final step for your avatar is to select a name.

  • Each name on Atys must be unique, permanent, so it may take several attempts to choose a name. Names must adhere to the Naming Policy (part of Ryzom code of conduct, under penalty of forced renaming: no known name, no brand, no coarse....).
  • Once your name is chosen, you will see your new avatar in a slot on the left.
  • Select PLAY to start gameplay on the island of Silan. Silan is a tutorial (how to fight and create stanza, how craft, dig, sell to merchants...), it's not really the game. Wait a little bit then
  • click on Chiang the Strong for your first orientation mission.
Chiang the Strong - basic presentation

To the Ryzom code of conduct, on the forum the Naming Policy

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  1. You can access your account via (billing account in the menu). While accessing your character (character name with the same password) at (Web applications in the menu)
  2. Specially the one who installed Steam just for playing Ryzom, with a free account (Steam is not free).
  3. If the window is misplaced, use the Ryzom Installer tool to change its configuration (more on An issue to log in?).
  4. For a player who discovers Atys (they are called "the young"), race is the choice that will have a significant impact on the game, because of the links between countries and their regions (impacts the type of raw materials recovered (hunting, fighting or drilling), the position facing the religions and nations of Atys, crafts... More on the Portal:Lore and its Inhabitants