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Rites are special missions that can involve multiple tasks, it's completion give you a special skill, enhances your character, or lets you join a nation or a faction.

Encyclopedia Rites

All Encyclopedia rites are themes which are sorted in tomes related to Nations, Factions, tribes, fauna or crafted items:

  1. The Chest of Wisdom
  2. The Geography of Atys
  3. Homin Crafts
  4. Tribes of Atys
  5. Natural Resources of Atys
  6. The Creatures of Atys
  7. The Kitins
  8. The Kamis
  9. The Karavan
  10. The Matis
  11. The Zoraïs
  12. The Fyros
  13. The Trykers

Completing a theme is rewarded by an amber cube, and, depending on the theme; a bonus on Character statistics, a brick to enhance a stanza, a generic craft plan...

The bonus can be a passive improvement or a new action you can use. Completing a rite also gives you a new entry in your encyclopedia detailing some of the lore of Atys.

Currently there are 14 rites active ingame, plus the introduction rite. Most rites are given by either a barman or an intendant in one the capital cities (Pyr, Yrkanis, Fairhaven, Zora). These require a certain amount of fame with the race giving them. 2 rites are given by Ana Ryon in the Kitins' Lair.

List of Rites

The rite articles on the wiki are currently incomplete, if you've done any rites, we welcome your contributions.

Links to other sites with a list of active rites are included at the end.

Introduction Rite

Matis Rites

Fyros Rites

Tryker Rites

Zoraï Rites

Kitins' Lair Rites

Faction Rites

Kami: Cult of Ma'duk

Karavan: Cult of Light



  • The ranger training starts in Zora (near cartographer occupation). It continues in Almati Woods (to get the 250 zones tp). Finally, travel back to Silan, talk to the rangers and start the actual rite. They will send you to help in Oflovak's jungle. Completion will give you the ranger title and ranger map. With the rite completed and accepted as ranger, you need to complete your map and search the 10 new teleporter spots in the Primes Roots.

Nation Rites

Fyros Empire

Matia Kingdom

New Trykoth Federation

Zoraï Theocracy

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