Cities of Intuition Rite

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en:Cities of Intuition Rite
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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them ­čśÄ

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Shua-Lao Zhuangi (Zora, Highmarket) wants an order sent to Min-Cho

  • Zora├» fame 0+
  • Take order to Qai-Be Du

Deliver Shua-Lao Zhuangi's report to Jen-Laï

  • Zora├» fame 0+
  • Take report to Shu-Quan Du

Shua-Lao Zhuangi needs a messenger to dispatch a message to Hoï-Cho

  • Zora├» fame 0+
  • Take message to Qui-Le Guai

Rite Mission

  • Any skill lvl 25+
  • Zora├» fame 34