Majestic Garden Rite

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Take an order to Majestic Garden for Nirni Ciorini (Yrkanis, Yasson Ward)

  • Matis fame 0+

Nirni Ciorini wants a report taken to Natae

  • Matis fame 0+

A message to be delivered to Avalae for Nirni Ciorini

  • Matis fame 0+

The hidden resources of Majestic Garden

  • Rite giver: Cicho Trivaldo
  • Fame required: 34 matis
  • Dig level required: 25 (excellent materials stanza also required)
  • Reward: 50 extra focus points

Steps to complete the rite

  • 1. Talk to and accept the Rite from Cicho Trivaldo.
  • 2. Talk to Sicha Pelli who will hand you the "Prospector Pendent".
  • 3. Equip the "Prospector Pendent" and head to the hill north of the Matis Arena.
  • 4. Stand on the flat round section at the top and wait till Sunset. (approximately 18:00. I am unsure if this works at a different time so please change this should the case be any different)
  • 5. Head north from the hill and follow your compass to a small outcrop north of your current location
  • 6. You will now need to dig the following items in 10 minutes:
    • 3x Excellent Being Amber of Q 20
    • 1x Sample of Average Kitin saliva of Q 20
    • 2x Average Spicy Aromatic Plant of Q 20
All of these can be found in the area your compass is pointing.
Should you run out of time to dig these mats, you are able to try again by returning to Sicha Pelli to recharge your pendant.
  • 7. Now deliver these mats to Sicha Pelli.

Congratulations! You're done!