Food Rite

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Before attempting this rite

You'll need to be at least level 85 in forage (preferably forest) and be able to defeat a level 73 Robust Mektoub.

You'll be digging a maximum of Q95 and only digging fine materials.

Prerequisite Missions

The prerequisite missions are obtained from two homins. Nirni Ciozzo (Located in the east area of Fleeting Garden) and Viccia Girinia (Located west of the Karavan Fleeting Gardens Teleporter). If you are too low in your forest forage, remember that you can dig the materials elsewhere on Atys so long as the material is PRIME.

Gather some food

  • Forage:
    • 3 Prime Dead Insect Larva of Quality 55
    • 2 Prime Spicy Aromatic Plant of Quality 70
    • 1 Prime Small Egg of Quality 95
  • Reward: 4369 dappers

Nirni Ciozzo needs someone to maintain their fields

  • Forage:
    • 1 Prime Rotting Fiber of quality 90
  • Reward: 3084 dappers

Note: This mission is only available in Autumn

Viccia Girinia needs someone to prepare their fields

  • Forage:
    • 2 Prime Giant Thorn of Quality 95
  • Reward: 3598 Dappers

Provide Viccia Girinia with Food

  • Forage:
    • 1Prime Large Egg of Quality 95
    • 1 Handful of Prime Fresh Cereal of Quality 85
  • Reward: 3598 Dappers

The Rite

The rite of hunting and gathering

  • 1. Talk to Bergio Visti who is located in Davae in the north most tree, east door, to begin the Rite.
  • 2. Head out and kill a Robust Mektoub. You should find them out in Fleeting Garden. A slab of Prime Forest Mektoub Meat should now be in your inventory.
  • 3. You must now go and dig the following foods. You should be able to find all of them in Fleeting Garden.
    • 2 Prime Dried Wild Berry of q 25
    • 2 Prime Small Fruit of q 25
    • 3 Prime LargeFruit of q20
  • 4. Now head back to Bergio Visti in Davae and hand over the gathered goods.

Congratulations! You've completed the rite!

  • Reward: Convert a part of the impact on the source life to damage on your character.

Note: If you've completed the Zoraï and jungle materials rite, then your reward will be 40% absorption instead of 20% and (probably) vice versa.