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Before attempting this rite

Since this rite and it's prerequisite missions need certain crafting plans, a minimum ammo crafting level of 50 and a range crafting level of 40, it would be important to note you would need a minimum of 545 crafting points were you to not have any of the crafting stanzas or crafting levels required. Also please note that this rite uses only Tryker crafts!

Prerequisite Missions

All prerequisite missions are from Ba'Caussey Jidgen who is located in Fairhaven and require a fame of 0 or higher with the Trykers to attempt them.

Weapons for Ba'Caussey Jidgen

  • Craft:
    • 8 Flunker Smashing Ammo of quality 13
  • Reward: 605 dappers

An Order for Weapons

  • Craft:
    • 40 Flunker Piercing Ammo of quality 13
    • 30 Rade Slashing Ammo of quality 30
    • 20 Doomer Smashing Ammo of quality 45
  • Reward: 11448 dappers

Ba'Caussey Jidgen needs weapons

  • Craft:
    • 3 Rade Pistols of quality 17
    • 2 Flunker Bowrifle of quality 20
    • 1 Fletcher Bowpistol of quality 40
  • Reward: 6220 Dappers

The Rite

A set of Range Weapons

  • 1. Talk to Ba'Nakry Baxy to begin the Rite.
  • 2. You must now craft the following Tryker weapons and ammo at q30 or higher within 2 hours and 20 minutes and hand them to Ba'Nakry Baxy:
    • 1 Rade Pistol
    • 1 Boomer Rifle
    • 1 Fletcher Bowpistol
    • 1 Flunker Bowrifle
    • 10 Rade Smashing Ammo

Congratulations! You've completed the rite!

  • Reward: Generic Bowrifle Plan