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To the v3 User Manual and de l'utilisateur v3 FR

Part 1 Install the game (with updates resume) • Create an Account and AvatarFree to Subscribe and Steam • contact support (see An issue to log in?, I need to change my email...)

Part 2 Basic presentation • Advanced Controls on the User Interface (Keys, P I B J M, Avatar Gauges, Compass, Chat (Special command), Target Reticle, Pop-ups, Windows and toolbars) • Use the mapMissions, quest and ritesStore (Mount and Mektoubs, Apartments, Merchants) • Apps (in game, Webapps and API key) • Macros

Part 3 Chat and emotes (Chat, Emotes) • Coma/Death and penalties • Teleportation • Skills (Foraging, Crafting, Fighting) • Guilds and Outpost • MobsCommon Acronyms and Abbreviations • contact Event Team

Part 4 CreditsGNU Free Documentation License

Individuals may play Ryzom without charge indefinitely.

The avatars will be allowed to progress to level 125 in any skill, but not beyond.

Paid subscribers will be allowed to buy three additional mektoub packers, receive a permanent experience catalyzer (double xp for all actions), progress up to level 250 in all 63 skills, and gain other privileges.

Log on to the internet website https://www.ryzom.com/ then click 3. pay to have a full access from the right sidebar.
Login and follow the payment instructions.