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Profile of Eolinius Profile of Eolinius The Eolinius Files

Personal Amber
Federation Guardian
Race Tryker
Gender M
Nation Federation of New Trykoth
Organization member of
Bai Trykali
Worship Neutral
Guild Bai Nhori Drakani.png Bai Nhori Drakani
Rank High Officer
Birth location : prime root

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High Officer of the guild
High Officer of the guild
Master Pastry Chef of Atysoël
Master Pastry Chef of Atysoël

His childhood

Eolinius was born in the Prime Roots and didn't see the light of day very often during his early childhood.

His parents travelled the Prime Roots to teach the little homins of the lost tribes the rudiments of education. He was thus moved from tribe to tribe developing a curiosity about everything around him, which was not lacking in this underground world full of strangeness. He still has a moving memory, fascinated by all the colors he liked to run after as a child[1].

He always wondered about the exact activity of his parents, who besides teaching, also practiced strange scientific activities by excavating the ruins of the Prime Roots and sometimes meeting people there in a discreet way.. His carefree childhood ended abruptly during an expedition in which his parents died after the appearance of "shadows" as he called them as a child. Eolinius, who should have ended up like them, was mysteriously saved by an inexplicable phenomenon (an unknown light enveloping and protecting him). Left alone, a passing Ranger patrol picked him up and took him to Silan.


Eolinius and his first friends ... His early days with the Rangers of Silan were laborious, especially in military training, but over time he developed a reputation as an explorer and prospector, curious about everything, taking notes of what he saw in his notebook. He met and befriended several refugees like him, but perhaps the most important encounter was with the sparkling Kyriann on the day of the great kirosta hunt. After his friends left for the mainland, his last vivid memories of Silan were the mini ice age during the Anlor Winn cycle of Fallenor 2590 [2].

The Mainland

Arrived on the continent, Eolinius finds Kyriann who introduces him to the glittering Jazzy Mac'Plantey, leader of the Bai Nhori Drakani guild. This one makes him visit the lakes and especially the Winds of Muse where resides Yberkan. Staying in touch with his Drakani friends, he starts a career in the water company to support himself and buy an apartment in Fairhaven. He will thus live many incredible adventures with the picturesque Trykers circulating in the Lochi. After a long period of time, he finally joined Bai Nhori Drakani guild during a day that will remain engraved in his memory for a long time[3].

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