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Anlor Winn's moon

For Anlor Winn (OCC: Halloween), there are events and various games.

Anlor Winn is Tyll tryker which literally means Bad Wind.

An = negation.
Lor = Good
AnLor = not good, bad.
Winn = Wind.

At the Gubani wheel, you can during Anlor Winn win pumpkin heads, and Anlor Winn weapons. These gifts, become normal in appearance after Anlor Winn ends, until the next Anlor Winn begins, when they will regain their special appearance.

JA 2610 (OOC 2020)

  • 10 days, opening on Friday, October 23rd 19:00:00 UTC
  • Scary Stories convention has link to several stories transcript and images

On the forum

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Anlor Winn token
Decorations in a Tryker apartment
You win decorations for your apartment (see too Apartment Items and Wheel of fortune/prizes)
Anlor Winn's Jigsaw Puzzles, finished
Some homin can get wierd face, on Anlor Winn
Many images for 2009 (29 files) and 2010 (69 files) are under Common's Anlor Winn categories and sub categories (2009 and 2010).

JA 2605 (OOC 2019)

Puzzle game

With the new dynamic events, this year (2019) there is a new puzzle game. You have to recognize a place, go there, enter a tribe (friend or foe), get there alive to take a picture piece from a fixed pumpkin. With each pumpkin, you win tokens (often Anlor Winn tokens, sometimes with base tokens, choice...). The puzzle has 60 pieces.

There is a 10-minute break between each event. We have 20 minutes for each.

Upon completion of the entire puzzle (we have all 60 of its images) we win 50 excellent chips.

What we can win

  • Confetti
    that we can keep and use even after the Anlor Winn event ends
  • Water bombs (refillable at water barrels, located at the stables)

Notes and links

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For more see the forum

Vidéo (2019) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15HErifg57g

  • For images, there is a dedicated Common category: