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  • First Water Route since the Second Swarm. This Route was organized by Luth macFay aided by Maximus and Eloan of the Guild:La Tribu Talodi, with the blessing of Governor Ailan Mac'Kean and the Thenkard'ali at the First National Assembly in Fairhaven. The Taliari Kaaon and Luth negotiated this route with the Fyro akenaks and Luth obtained free passage from the Matis. It was the taliar and the akenak who negotiated the details of the contract between the Empire and the Lakes. Along the way, the Matis and their Karan Stevano helped the Tryker caravaneers fight aggressive Zoran tribes in the Heretic's Masure and then in the Hidden Spring. Apparently a dark plot was at work as the attackers were acting strangely. The Trykers arrived safely (except for the loss of two mektoubs) at Pyr, where the trade deal could take place, strengthening the ties between the Empire and the Federation. It was at this time that a brotherhood, the Talai o wytt (the brothers and sisters of the water), was born with Chanchey, Maximus, Eloan, Chenli, Enotacim, Luth, Almindae, Chonchon, Bastien and Vannox as members. This fraternity was composed of the master caravanners and mektoubiers of the Water Road Caravan.
  • Disappearance of Wilk Potskin: He disappeared during an expedition to the old bark; his last message was on Mystia 17, 1st CA 2572


  • To prepare for training for aspiring rangers, Wilk Potskin leaves for the old bark in 2572 where he disappears. The last message from him was in Mystia 17, 1st CA 2572