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Personal Amber
Elke schlucht.png
Race Zorai
Gender female
Organization N'ASA
Worship Agnostic
Faction Ranger (currently visiting Karavan)
Guild In Vino Veritas
Rank High Officer
Birth 23rd Harvestor, 4th AC, 2607 on Silan
Death unkown
Mother unkown
Father unkown

Elke seenland.png


Born 23rd Harvestor, 4th AC, 2607 in Zora and spent most of her childhood on Silan in the education of the rangers and teachers there. Upon finishing school there, she went back to Zora to join Obscurus Lilium whom she was apprentice to the arts and learnt how to survive on Atys beyond the save havens of Silan. Like her peers she was a good Kami and put her efforts into their cause.

Yet after some time she felt that there's often several more sides to things. Serving all hominkind, she became a ranger, getting her first education und the late ranger leader Orphie. She joined In Vino Veritas in Quinteth, Winderly 5, 3rd AC 2611. They are known to have a more relaxed view on the duties of a ranger and what it means to serve all homins than most hands-off ranger guilds. Trying to understand the background of the quarrels, especially the Karavan - Kami one, is of great importance to her. With some solid background on the Kami world view from the youth, she decided she needs some more insight into the Karavan world view in order to be able to become a good negotiator and arbitrator, thus helping the rangers and homins. Thus she joined the Karavan ranks temporarily as explained in her letter to the then newly-instated Ranger leader Barmie Dingie. Her hope is to use the gained insights in the future to restore or maintain peace among homins and thus allow them to focus on the real threat, the Kitin threat.

Being prepared to fight the Kitins is of big importance, so constant combat training is a thing. This is also done in outpost wars as well as tournaments to keep senses sharp. In 2633 she won the title of the vice champion of the Karavan jointly with Xeixes.

Since her youth, Elke's interest is in science and cartography. Especially the latter became a passion as she was bugged by the maze-like jungle in the cities of intuition. Combined with the recent invention of luceography, she created a small version of that combined with a small mechanism of a sand glass, a scale and a small lever combined which triggers the luceogramme when the trained Izam reaches a certain height. This allowed to take aerial images of the surroundings. She combined these images with her own observations to map the accessible areas and those covered by mountains or roots too steep to climb. This started her ongoing charting of Atys and map making. Unsurprisingly, the map of the jungle is the first to be completed. See this section on the work.

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