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Personal Amber
Moniq avatar face.png
Orthodox Ranger
Race Fyros
Nation None
Worship Neutral
Guild Phaedreas Tears
Rank High Officer
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2020-11-07)

Early years

We, me and my twin sister Milada, were born around the year 2553. We were the very last ofspring of a small mixed group of homin refugees. Our early years were full of travelling in search for resources and under constant fear of Kitins. Me nor my sister have any deeper memories from our early years, all was subordinated to survive. Our main activity in a rare time of rest was to learn how can a homin survive in wilderness.

Ways of our group lead across many unknown continents. I remember the dark of Prime Roots, burning heat during our very long travel across a desert and the wet smell of jungle swamps, where our mother has died. We were around five years old. Our group been constantly searching for a peaceful place to live at, but every time we did try to inhabit a location, sooner or later Kitins found us. And our group was smaller and smaller, slowly being killed by Kitins, predators, starve and poisonous supplies.

Search for homins

When we were around fifteen years, we became scouts of our group. Our dad told us that we are grown and experienced enough but I think the reason was we were only 6 homins left by that time. Our group was exhausted by all life circumstances. In the same time it was decided that we have to try to reach other homin groups. After years of travelling no one of elders knew where exactly we were. Luckily, one day my sister came back from her scout expedition with great news. She discovered some ruins of a homin building, probably Matis. Unfortunately, full of kitins. At least something after four years of searching.

We had to be patient and wait for two seasons before Kitins moved south because of winter. Oh, how terribly cold was that winter. After eliminating some remaining Kitin workers we were able explore those ruins. It used to be a Matis village, many many years ago. We were however able to unravel some details the place from fragments we have found. But this luck brought a rift between us. We, our father, me and my sister, suggested to travel south where supposed to be a desert and possible way to Oflovak's road. The rest wanted to go east and search for a Matis city and possible homins there.

So when I was 21 years old, our group has split and we haven't seen our friends since. Our travel was not so bad at the beginning. Most of Kitins left far south, maybe in search for warm weather of the desert. What was easy at the start became hard later. When the winter left and spring made Atys wake up, number of Kitins start rising again. Our painful 5 years of travelling in winter and hiding in summer resulted the day we saw first dunes of another unknown desert. And we never seen so many Kitins before. Thousands? Millions? None of us was able to count them. The way was blocked.

Oflovak's road

We were weak. Old tired fyros and two daughters. Our only choice was to stay covered by forest and mountains and travel for long 4 years in search for another way instead the one we could make in few months if we could pass that desert. And it brought another tragedy to us. We had to travel across a deep jungle, with Kitins on our tail as usually. We were searching for a way down to Prime Roots. That day was cold and full of Atys tears and our dad suddenly slipped. He lost the balance and fell down to the Prime roots eternal dark. Even when we got down there few days later, we were unable find him. My sister believes he is still alive somewhere, but I gave up my hope after we spend weeks of searching the area.

After that we decided to continue our journey and find the Oflovak's road. It was another almost three years long period but once we spotted a group of homins, we knew we are almost there. Unfortunately we were unable to reach them on the other side of a canyon. But our travelling got to almost to the end that day we saw signs that Rangers use to mark the Oflovak's road.

In New Lands

According to homin calendar we have arrived to a Ranger camp at the year of 2586. It took us some time to recover and also realize how far did homins get in building of New Lands. Our first master, Chiang the Strong, gave us first look into the Ranger philosophy and after lonely years we both choose our way. Protect homins and push Kitins back where they belong. It was also the time when we split. I was curious about all New Lands and my wish was to visit all places homins inhabit on this side of the Oflovak's road. My sister however still keeps her hope that our dad will find his way. She stays with master Chiang, helps newly arrived refugees and makes often expedition back to Oflovak's road.

I have met many new friends in New Lands and became a member of a very special group. The guild of Phaedrea's Tears. The philosophy of Rangers became mine and I spent first years in euphoria of making friendships and getting to know homin cultures. I became an Ranger Aspirant and met master Wuaoi Yai-Zhio. All looked so great. But homins didn't change. Not even after those years of Kitin terror and all the sorrow.

Fall of Rangers

With all my history, all death I have seen in my life, I quickly became the orthodox Ranger. My conviction was even more strict that what our master Wuaoi taught us. Unfortunately, with his retire the Ranger organization became even more permissive. In last years many homins became Rangers and we do not ask them if they willing to protect homins, Atys or unite homins together. It almost look like we accept anyone who was able to bribe nations to rise their false reputation. Rangers these days attack other homins, exploit Atys resources, hunt animals like Kitins for no reason. And worse, we tolerate so-called Rangers who not just being involved in politics and homin fights but also dare to say who is good and who is wrong. We tolerate mercenaries who dare to tell me I have chosen wrong faction.

It is our own fault. It is only few of us who worship Ranger precepts. Most of those new false Rangers do not even know them. And we do not teach them better. The organization is deaf to our objections and our meetings were cancelled, maybe forever. And we do not try hard enough to change it. It is sad that I meet my childhood once again, living out of homin society with only few friends by my side. The dream of Ranger reputation that joins homins together seems gone. What have we became?