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Lawless camp.
Sub-continent Burning Desert
Region Outlaw Canyon
Race(s) Multiracial
Faction Marauders
Ulythus Apocaps, Tribe Chief of the Lawless
Notables see § Tribe Members ᐌ
Enemies Fyros,Tryker, Matis, Zoraï


The Lawless are an outlaw tribe of anarchists from all 4 homin races, who camp in the deep recesses of the Outlaw Canyon. Though they are organised as a tribe and follow the Karavan, they are little better than common cut-throats, and they'll attack any homin who comes too close to their camp regardless of race or allegiance. They hate Fyros in particular, seeing as they're at war against the Fyros Empire for the control of the region.

Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Ulythus Apocaps
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Mac'Doyghan Artan
  • Tribe Welcomer : Mac'Laughan Brermen
  • Outlands Supplier : Kritheus Xaphaan
  • Master Overseer : Cai-Ci Ki
  • Master Guards : 22


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  • Ambassador : Lawless Karavan Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Prospector : Gaps Eubus


  • Journey(wo)man : Ba'Arppy Effer
  • Scout : Hon Di-Shuan


  • Boots, Vest & Sleeves : Red
  • Pants & Gloves : Black
  • Hair : Blond (Fyros), Blond (Matis), Blond (Tryker), Light Green (Zoraï)


  • Peoples'default fame:
Fyros -83
Matis -66
Tryker -66
Zoraï -66

Lawless were Karavan, and became Marauder.

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