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There are currently 4 playable races as well as 3 non-playable races in the game. Each of the playable races resides in a particular ecosystem on Atys.

Homin Races

With the exception of the Kami, the civilized races native to Atys are known as "Homins". All homins share certain traits - they are bipeds, capable of the use of technology, magic and communication; and all are subject to continual attempts at religious conversion by the Kami and Karavan. However, the four homin races also differ significantly. Their ideals, principles, and histories are unique - and each race has its traditional allies and enemies; although, of course, some individuals choose to go against these.

FyrosBox 1.png
Locale: Burning Desert
Faction: Kami
Description: The Fyros are bold warriors from the deep and deadly deserts who lead a quest for the dreaded Dragon of the Myth. Determined, loyal and fierce, the Fyros rank themselves among the greatest Atysian warriors who have built their society on a strict code of honor.
MatisBox 1.png
Locale: Verdant Heights
Faction: Karavan
Description: The Matis are proud heirs of an old Monarchy from the haunted woods who seek to restore their lost Kingdom. Highly cultivated aesthetes well versed in forest botany, the Matis are both a romantic and a conquering race. They staunchly believe that, just as every particle of the universe has a function, every homin must strive for his or her true place in society.
TrykerBox 1.png
Locale: Aeden Aqueous
Faction: Karavan
Description: Shorter of stature then other Homin races, The Tryker have retained their flighty and carefree nature despite the events of the past. Excellent explorers and inventors, as well as experts in wind technology, the Tryker have built their new civilization in marvelous floating cities of the lakelands, dreaming of a world without the burdens of tyranny or intolerance.
ZoraiBox 1.png
Locale: Witherings
Faction: Kami
Description: The Zoraï are a race of blue skinned homins that reside in the continent of Witherings. The Zoraïs are feared mystics from the dark and hidden jungles who zealously serve the living planet. In their search for spiritual enlightenment, the Zoraïs have grown close to the mysterious Kami.

Primitive Races

The primitive races consist of any of four species of primates considered to be the forerunners of hominkind. It was first thought that homins were descended from these primitive beings but it is now believed that the primitive races and homins had a common ancestor.

Indeed similarities can be drawn between the Gibbaï and the Zoraï, the Cute and the Tryker, the Frahar and the Fyros and the now extinct Momo and the Matis.

Locale: Aeden Aqueous and Prime Roots
Description: Cutes are the primitive race corresponding to the Tryker. They exist in the Lakelands and in the Prime Roots.
Locale: Burning Desert
Description: The Frahar live in clans in the Great Desert where they hunt in packs. Formidable hunters, they watch and wait till their prey is at its disadvantage before moving in for the kill. They use their knowledge of fire for their own destructive ends.
The Fyros regularly patrol the Frahar territory limits in order to avoid any intrusion by Frahar packs.
Locale: Witherings and Verdant Heights
Description: Gibbaï are semi-intelligent creatures that live in the jungles of Atys. They roam in large troops and dispute the jungle with the Zoraï whose distant cousins they are said to be. Gibbaï are born with the gift of magic. In spite of their apparent simplicity, they are able to cast spells with the ease of any magician.
The Zoraï assert that the Gibbaï are protected by the Kami and that killing these creatures will only bring bad luck.

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