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Categorization of portals and their components

These rules are made to facilitate maintenance and translation, even if the content is free by each cultural group.

The category portals (⚠plural!) contains:

  1. portals and sub-portals (portal tabs).
  2. The subcategories:
    1. Category: Template:Portal that gathers all navigation bands that link a page to a portal using{{portal|...}} . Warning: in FR this is portail, for historical reasons. Here you can also find other models related to the portals.
    2. Category: Featured article that brings together all the pages used to "beautify" the home pages, with the aim of making you want to go further on the Wiki. They are classified according to the chosen presentation model.
    3. Category: Portal: < portal_name > that gathers all the "bricks" that make up a portal. Includes in particular all notes included by {{:...}} . They are collected in trees tab → sub tabs.

Portal items containing chart rules are also in the category Category: Graphic Charter

Portal structure

There is no single model for portals, so there is no {{template}}.

To remain homogeneous throughout the wiki, the title of the portals and their tabs is constituted as follows: portal:<the title of the portal>[/<the tab> when there is]. Example: portal:Lore/Atys.

It is necessary to avoid writing information on the portal page itself, it is better to treat them separately in articles to be included.

There is no template to automatically perform these categorizations, so you have to follow the following rule:

The categorization in Category: portals is done by adding at the bottom of the portal page this kind of line:
[[Category: portals|Lore/Atys]].
Simply copy the page title
Portal:Lore/Atys , between
like this: <noinclude > [[Category:Portal: Lore/Atys]]</noinclude>.
Then replace the colon after "Portal" with "s|". What gives:
<noinclude>[[Category: portals|Lore/Atys]]</noinclude>.
This has the effect of placing the article in Category: portals, and to sort it alphabetically with the header following "Portal", "Lore/Atys" in the example, regardless of the word "Portal".

See also(and translate if you want): fr: Categorisation des portals

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