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The portal of the Great Library of Atys

All literature Atys

Biographies, reports, poems, stories, essays...

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Theme plan and categories

Stories and history

Sometimes the difference between stories and history is not very clear.

The one approved by the [[ Portal: Lore|Lore|] appears in the portal of Chronicles.
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Literature, you say?

Literature encompasses not only written or oral works marked by aesthetic, ideological and cultural perspectives. There you can also find novels, biographies, essays, theater, musical scores...

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Featured article

An old archive [1]

The young Ranger archivist released a group of messenger izams. They all carried the same message:

   Dear Rangers,
   I have made a surprising and mysterious discovery in our archives… or should I say, in those of Orphie Dradius. As you may have guessed, the reason I have access to these documents is that I am an archivist: small and discreet but overseeing everything, and, above all, conscientious in my work. So I asked my colleagues if they had ever seen such a document and they all answered in the negative. As that disappointed me a bit, I had the idea of calling on you, Ranger brothers and sisters!

   Your mission is simple my friends: help me decipher the attached illustration, which I feel is important. At least enough to find its way into the archives of Orphie [2]!

   Let's meet on 23h - Holeth, Fallenor 18, 3rd AC 2609 [3] at the Ranger Camp of Almati Wood to compile all our discoveries! I'm counting on you!

        Erin Mac'Cartlann

— Erin Mac'Cartlann, Ranger Archivist

Document found in Orphie Dradius' archives

Erin Mac'Cartlann was still thinking about this old archive, that intrigued her so much. She decided to share a thought.

    Fellow rangers,
    I have a thought that might help you.
    As for me, the document looks like a Matis original if you consider its aesthetic finesse and attention to detail.
    About the details, I think each color means something, but what?
    If it is indeed a Matis work, nothing is left to chance with them.

    Erin Mac'Cartlann
    Ranger archivist

— Erin Mac'Cartlann, Ranger Archivist

Erin Mac'Cartlann released another group of messenger izams.

    Fellow rangers
    I realize I forgot to mention that this document was in Orphie's files dealing with the Kitins.
    Help me to point out anything strange or unique about this illustration, it could be very enlightening.

    Erin Mac'Cartlann
    Ranger archivist

— Erin Mac'Cartlann, Ranger Archivist

  1. Forums » EVENTS » [Ranger event] An old archive (2020-08-09)
  2. [OOC] Your ability to correctly decipher this image will affect the unfolding of the event, in 6 days. [/OOC]
  3. [OOC] On Sunday, 9 August 19:00:00 UTC[/OOC]

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Some documents are engraved in amber, because they are references recognized by Atys experts: they are
The Chronicles of Atys

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