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The portal of the Great Library of Atys

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The Great Library

Literature encompasses not only written or oral works marked by aesthetic, ideological and cultural perspectives. There you can also find novels, biographies, essays, theater, musical scores...

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Some documents are engraved in amber, because they are references recognized by Atys experts: they are
The Chronicles of Atys

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Stories and history

Sometimes the difference between stories and history is not very clear.

The one approved by the [[ Portal: Lore|Lore|] appears in the portal of Chronicles.
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More to know

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To do

Updating representative pages

Choose 7 pages representative of the 4 nations and if possible 3 from the large communities of Atys:

Theme Chosen page Status ( to make or changer;
good for now)
Elias and so forth Kif ùr pyr Off the point
Fyros The Call of Glouglou
Matis The Coronation of Stevano
Tryker Atys Mag
Zoraï Kif ùr pyr Off the point
Merodeadores, aso Eye of the Tyrancha News Off the point
Rangers An old archive
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Spotlight on

hominity’s mag without lies with lots of lucios

You can now discover the special issue of the magazine mag Atys.

The first part of the flora of Atys, and botanical excursion in the forest with Cuiccio Perinia.

The poster is plastered all capitals

Always available

The legend of the blue Ocyx, Reading, Games, Lucios
Interview with Cuiccio Perinia, Games, Lucios, Sexy’s Homins and UV and regeneration session at Kami circle (for adults)


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