The Call of Glouglou

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de:Der Ruf des Glouglou
en:The Call of Glouglou
es:La llamada de Gluglú
fr:L'Appel du Glouglou
ru:Зов Glouglou
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Translation Note:

Say "Gluglu" or "Gloogloo". The word refers phonetically to the sound produced when a sip of liquid is swallowed (to glug, glug-glug).

The Call of the Glouglou

by Jorluka [1]; Tria, Nivia 21, 4th CA 2567

What I'm about to tell you happened to me before the Second Swarm, when I was travelling to Pyr to join the Exodus to the Secret Oasis of the Kami. I stopped at Thesos to have a rest, and of course I went to the bar. It was probably its last day of operation before long, and just another group of customers had stayed here.
There were three of them, two fyros and a tryker, who seemed to be in an unimportant drunkard's quarrel.

- It is the shooki that is the beeeeest
- But an , it's beer

But as I was focusing on my own glass, what I heard distractedly awakened my curiosity:

- The shooki I'm tell you! It allowed the prophet to continue his journey, the beer owes him everything.
- Exactly!... Shooki is good, oy! And as the prophet created it after drinking shooki, beer... it is obviously even better.
- Dey dey dey ... There was so much water around it that there is necessarily more water in beer than in shooki, so shooki is better glouglou up!
- Excuse me, I said as I was getting closer, but who is this prophet you're talking about, if I'm not too intrusive?

The three homins turned to me as one, and their tormented gaze, or perhaps simply troubled by alcohol, was difficult to bear. I was about to go back to the bar, when the tryker smiled at me with all his chiclets:

- An, why don' ya both come an' sit down, story as glouglou, Sella!

From his long speech, (because yes, I spared you the hesitations and repetitions), I only understood the reason why he thought I was two, the amount of empty bottles on the table being clue. Nevertheless I sat with them , curious and having nothing better to do.

- Is that true? You don't know the prophet and his story? He who taught his disciples Ba'Naer and Lydix? He to whom the mysteries were revealed?
- Uh... no
- We'll tell you about him.

And while he was telling me his story, one of his companions was making drinks.

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