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The portal of the Great Library of Atys

Science and technology

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Theme plan and categories

The scientific communities of Atys

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Here you will find what is related to science, technology and the arts. Each nation has developed its own knowledge-gathering, standards-setting and research management organizations.

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de:Kalender von Atys
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Time on Atys passes at a different rate than Real Time, and the homins of Atys have their own units of time measurement. This page explains how time on Atys is measured and how to convert Atys time to real time.

The Atys time can be viewed ingame at any time by calling up the Map window (M). There's also some tools out there to:

Time continues to pass at a steady rate on Atys. When Ryzom was released in September 2004, the ingame year was 2525 JY. Somewhere in March 2010, the ingame year reached 2550 JY.

Units of Time on Atys

  • Jena Year (JY) - One Jena Year is divided in four cycles.
  • Atysian Cycle (AC) - Each cycle is composed by four seasons.
  • Season - Each season is composed by three months.
  • Month - Each month is composed by five weeks.
  • Week - Each week is composed by six days.
  • Day - Each day is divided in 24 hours.
  • Hour (h) - The smallest unit of time.

Conversion table of Atysian units of measurement for time
Atysian Cycles Seasons Months Weeks Days Hours
1 Jena Year 4 16 48 240 1440 34560
1 Atysian Cycle 1 4 12 60 360 8640
1 Season 1/4 1 3 15 90 2160
1 Month 1/12 1/3 1 5 30 720
1 Week 1/60 1/15 1/5 1 6 144
1 Day 1/360 1/90 1/30 1/6 1 24
1 Hour 1/8640 1/2160 /720 1/144 1/24 1

Months and Seasons

There are 12 months in one Atysian Cycle, 3 months per season, and each month has it's own name.

Season Month #
Spring Winderly 1
Germinally 2
Folially 3
Summer Floris 4
Medis 5
Thermis 6
Autumn Harvestor 7
Frutor 8
Fallenor 9
Winter Pluvia 10
Mystia 11
Nivia 12

Days of the week

There are 6 days in one Atysian week, and each day has it's own name.

  1. Prima
  2. Dua
  3. Tria
  4. Quarta
  5. Quinteth
  6. Holeth (Day of Grace for both Kami and Karavan)

Composition of a day

There are 24 hours in every day on Atys. Midnight is either 24h or 0h.

  • Dawn: 3h-6h
  • Day: 6h-20h
  • Twilight: 20h-22h
  • Night: 22h-3h

Nomenclature of dates

There are three ways of writing down an Atysian date:

  1. "Holeth, Floris 12, 3rd AC 2532 (JY)"
  2. "2532 : 12/4/3"
  3. "Holeth, Floris 12, AC III 2532 JY"
  4. "2532-3-4-12", in accordance with the Atys ISO standard, and commonly used in the N'ASA library.

All of these examples designate the same date; in this case a Holeth day which was the 12th day of the month Floris, in the third Atysian Cycle of Jena Year 2532.

Real time

Conversion table of how fast Atysian time passes in relation to real time.

Atysian Time Real Time (1) Real Time (2)
1 Jena Year 2,4 months 72 days
1 Atysian Cycle 2,57 weeks 18 days
1 Atysian season 108 hours 4,5 days
1 Atysian month 36 hours 1,5 days
1 Atysian week 432 minutes 7h12
1 Atysian day 72 minutes 1h12
1 Atysian hour 3 minutes -
Real time Atys time
h days weeks months Seasons AC Y
1 minute 0,33
1 hour 20 0,83 0,14
1 day 480 20 3,33 0,67
1 week 3360 140 23,33 4,67 1,56
1 month (30 days) 14400 600 100,00 20,00 6,67 1,67
3 months (90 days) 43200 1800 300,00 60,00 20,00 5,00 1,25
1 year (365 days) 175200 7300 1216,67 243,33 81,11 20,28 5,07

Helpful tips and links

Tip to write time in fora

[time date=white time=white timer=gray] 2015-03-03 13:14 UTC [/time] will display as Tuesday, March 3 13:14:00 UTC (il y a 24 mins.)

[date] 2015-03-03 13:14 UTC [/date] will display as 12h - Dua, Germinally 8, 2e CA 2582

Kervala's application to convert dates

Ryzom Tracker app (Ryzom Armory)

Ryzom API

test it!https://api.ryzom.com/time.php?format=txt

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A strange science, magic

The art of magic was taught long ago to the Homins by the KamiS. Lao reasons why these creatures with immense powers had to teach part of it remain the subject of controversy among the initiates, including Matis, but the most commonly accepted is related to the fight against Goo.

Magic is the art of manipulating sap according to a particular initiation and ancestral knowledge. It allows you to imprint your will on the vital energy that irrigates everything in Atys, and thus modify appearance, nature or behavior .

See more about the dedicated portal .

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