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The portal of the Great Library of Atys

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The Great Library

There are two close categories that can lead to confusion. Be careful to choose the right one.
  • Category:Official Stories list stories told by the animators, but not in The Chronicles.
  • Category:Chronicles list the stories of the official Lore of Atys.
  • The other stories in the categories Category: literature and Category:history are either stories lived or invented by players or Chronicles lost or without specific references.

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Elias and so forth History

Fyros The legend of Oflovak Rydon

Matis The Coronation of Stevano

Tryker Trykoth

Zoraï Zoraï History of the New Beginning

Merodeadores, aso Kalabs
Rangers Lady Chiabre's Social Diary

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de:Die Legende von Oflovak Rydon
en:The legend of Oflovak Rydon
es:La Leyenda de Oflovak Rydon
fr:La légende d'Oflovak Rydon
ru:Легенда об Oflovak Rydon
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Oflovak Rydon was a great traveller of the Old Lands. He is known to have saved the lives of thousands of Fyros during the Great Swarming. He left Fyre, the former capital of the Empire, and led his people to safety in remote areas. On the seventh day of this journey, as Oflovak climbed onto the ridge of a dune, a halo of light descended from the sky. He approached it and heard the words of a superior being.

Oflovak Rydon, listen to me carefully! My name is Elias Tryton and I am coming to you to save you... Lead your people east. When you reach the Baldos Reef, you will find a Rainbow. Time is running out Oflovak, go and fulfill your destiny!

Oflovak, impressed, fell to his knees and shouted:
Count on me Elias! As long as the air fills my lungs, I won't stop!

The minutes were counted.... Not far from there, towards the south, there were Kitin troops. The wind blowing could at any time betray the position of the thousands of Fyros in exodus. Oflovak encouraged his people to follow him and, true to his word, led them to safety. The homins welcomed with joy and relief the spectacle offered by the Baldos Reef: a rainbow! This allowed the homins to take refuge in the Prime Roots. Oflovak turned around and looked one last time at the land he was about to leave.

Will we come back? he sighed, while nodding his head.

As the days went by, more and more homins took refuge in the Prime Roots. They all recounted the images of horror and devastation they witnessed. There was no doubt then for Oflovak Rydon that the kitins would destroy the last ones Rainbows. Thus would disappear the last gates leading to the Old Lands... How to get homin people out of the Prime Roots?

Once again, Oflovak found the way by looking up at the sky. Indeed, he immediately began to map the regions that the homins occupied. With his two apprentices, Deutheus Xaphaan and Be'Cauny Kedgy, he found a place in the Prime Roots from where he could observe the stars. Thanks to the knowledge he had acquired during his many journeys, he had learned to find his way back according to the position of the stars, he was able to conclude that the homins were west of the Old Lands.

Oflovak and his two apprentices spent the following years of their lives travelling leagues and leagues in search of the Old Lands. It was during this journey that he found the refuges that are the New Lands. He stayed there for a long time to map a large part of it, then left alone, leaving his apprentices behind to continue his work.

I was just a child at the time, my parents were among the homins saved by Oflovak Rydon's path and were able to settle in the New Lands. I regret that Oflovak, a hero of our people, could not see the rebirth of our civilization. Nevertheless, sometimes I like to think that he looks at us from up there on a cloud beside Elias.

— Fragment of the memoirs of Ulyssus Zessen, fyros merchant


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