The Coronation of Stevano

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de:Die Krönung von Stevano
en:The Coronation of Stevano
es:La Coronación de Stevano
fr:Le couronnement de Stevano
ru:Коронация Стевано.
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2019-08-25)

Mezza Triva walked restlessly up and down the royal palace. The activity was feverish and the departure was imminent. Volunteers occupied the defensive walls of the city to secure the departure of the last refugees. She would never have believed she had to experience a second Swarm. This event confused everything and thwarted many of their plans. Anyway, there would certainly be many opportunities in the refugee camps to push them forward ...

«- Come on, hurry up! Seal the last boxes and don't forget any of the royal belongings. Nothing shall be left behind!»

She pondered the hectic activity of the homins around her, and so she didn't miss it when a young Matis stopped, obviously unsure what to do next.

«- You there, she shouted, When you have finished your tasks, either you help others, or you get out of the way! But don't stop there!!»

It had been several days since King Yrkanis had disappeared. What had happened? Had the Karavan taken away our king? Without a word, without notifying anyone? Mezza Triva didn't know what to do. The violence over the situation had slipped completely out of her hands. Matis were in a refugee camp without their king and far from their forests.

The queen was desperate for the loss of her husband and the Karin, Stevano, seemed insecure and disturbed. He nevertheless continued his training with Nini Cizzo. Most of his time he practiced the handling of weapons and Nini seemed to play the role of the fencing master brilliantly.

Mezza Triva, for her part, had taken command of the guild of Karavia. Ah, how sometimes chance plays into your hands and makes any carefully prepared intrigue superfluous! Miana Sinia had insisted on staying behind and securing the rearguard. She was no longer seen ... Neither does their unity. There would undoubtedly be many positions to be filled in the coming weeks. Everything had changed...

Needless to say, the Matis kept in touch with the enemies of yore. The extremists licked their wounds silently ... and with a smile. Karin's wife, Miela, on the other hand, seemed to make the most of the situation. She had taken over the duties of Queen Léas, who had locked herself in her tent, and was continuously surrounded by those nobles who dared not approach their spouse.

It was urgent to crown Karin soon. It was precisely in such a situation that no power vacuum was allowed to arise. The people needed a king more urgent than ever. Mezza wanted to make everything happen as quickly as possible.

The crowd was gathered in the Matis camp. A stage overlooking the camp had been erected on the small hill. The event should be pompous. Mezza Triva had prepared everything down to the last detail: The whole ceremony, and even the feast that would follow.

The queen had left the tent, broken her silence and approved the coronation, which would help everyone to raise their heads again full of pride after this test and to look to the future. Undoubtedly, the coronation did the camp's morale good. It would also be an opportunity to taste the beer that saved Ba' Naer Liffan when Fairhaven was evacuated.

Everyone waited impatiently for the ceremony to begin. Queen Lea Lenardi finally took to the stage and turned to the Matis people. She was accompanied by the high priest of the Order of Karavan. A whisper and occasional grumbling raised among the spectators. That was a day that would be noted in the annals of the people of Matis. A new king was to be crowned, even though his father had not officially died. Some had openly tried to question the legitimacy of the coronation and Stevano's claim to the throne in general ... But under the pressure of Mezza Triva and the queen, who seemed to accept it, they had finally given up. After all, the king had been taken by the Karavan!

Suddenly the crowd fell silent. Stevano, his wife on his arm, entered the square. He smiled less self-confidently than a little insecurely. So he's supposed to be king now? Mezza Trivacouldn't help but smile for her part, thinking about the last months. So little Karin would sit at the head of the proud kingdom. Did it mean the end of a dynasty or the securing of its continued existence?

The couple finally entered the stage, first kneeling respectfully before the audience and then before the high priest. He had the task of crowning Karin the Karan. The high priest first gave a small speech in which he explained the special circumstances. Mezza Triva listened only halfway, spellbound by the actual event. Stevano nodded seriously at each of the questions of the ceremonial protocol that the priest asked him before he finally got up. With a clear, loud voice, he swore on the iron laws of the kingdom and of faith before turning to the new queen and helped her to stand up as well.

Both stepped now upright to the edge of the stage before the spellbound spectators. Finally a single shout broke the silence, shattering it like a burst of amber.: "The Karan is dead! Long live the Karan!" And everyone joined in the cheers of joy. The applause was almost endless.

As the night fell and the throats were becoming more hoarse, the buffets were released. A day, an evening like this deserved beer and wine to flow.

Mezza Triva breathed deeply, she was now outside the gates of the camp. Well, the situation developed ... for better or for worse? The future will show. It was up to her to forge the future as she hoped it would be.