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General presentation

Atys, charming planet plunged into legends and mysteries!

His wonders are equal only to his dangers. In the detours of its forests, lakes or deserts, you will sometimes encounter fairy landscapes, sometimes death. Go conquer this fantastic Eden and remember the legend, homins: a fertile land easily darkened in desolation if no one intervenes to protect it.

Time on Atys

Time on Atys

How to get there, how the seasons, days and nights work...?

Atys ecosystems

Atys ecosystems

Travel to Atys and gather information about the fauna, flora and major cities of different ecosystems.



A wise homin is worth two. Identify your prey before you go hunting.



During your wanderings, you will cross primitive and homin tribes. Better know who you're dealing with before it's too late.

The Goo

The Goo

The Goo is a mysterious form of pollution that seems to consume Atys. Kamis are actively trying to solve the problem. In the meantime, the Goo continues to expand...

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