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This article discusses the language as spoken by the Tryker known as Tryker Tyll.

Common Remarks

Tryker Basic Meaning
lorganeer welcome
lordoy hello, good day
seelagan goodbye
lorandoy good night
pacty please
grytt thank you
senn sorry, pardon me


  • oy : yes
  • an : no



  • ny- : implies a close relationship
  • na- : implies detachment
  • nair- : implies respect


Note: amn = love; ameen = to love

  • an : negates a word so that it has the opposite meaning, eg. anamn = dislike; anameen = to hate



Note: gan = to go

  • 'elai : pluperfect past tense marker, eg.
  • 'ela : past tense marker, eg. dey gan'ela = they went, they were going
  • 'eli : future tense marker, eg. dey gan'eli = they will go
  • 'lir : Future
  • 'lar : Close past
  • 'lair : Distant past
  • 'vir : Imperative
  • 'var : Interdictional
  • 'mur : Conditional
  • 'mir : Uncertaintal
  • 'tir : Passive


Note: dreen = drink

  • i : plural marker, eg. dreeni = drinks


Singular Plural Meaning
Indefinite article: be be a, an
Definite article: ba bai the
Partitive article: be bei of


Personal pronouns

Tryker English
y I, me
sul you (singular)
det he, she, it
ys us, we
sey you (plural)
dey they

Possessive Adjectives

Tryker English
yem my
sulem your
detem his, her, its
ysem our
suyem your
deyem their

Relative pronouns

  • ken : that, who, whom, whose
  • nett : what, which

Interrogative pronouns

  • ehm : where?
  • elysem : how?

Indefinite pronouns

  • tan : anything
  • toll : everything

Demonstrative pronouns

  • id : this, that, these, those, etc


  • ad : to, at, by
  • antor : against, anti
  • eim : in, on, aboard
  • elys : like, as
  • ken : than
  • tor  : for, towards
  • tey : by, via, per
  • wil : with


  • al : and
  • an...an : neither...nor
  • dat : because
  • ehm : wherein
  • elys : since
  • eny : but
  • let : if, whether
  • ol : or
  • ol...ol : either...or



  • niw : now, at present
  • nela : earlier, before, previously
  • neli : later, after, next
  • doy-niw : today
  • doy-nela : yesterday
  • doy-neli : tomorrow


  • agan : still, again, yet
  • annios : less, fewer
  • fosti : as well, also, too
  • o : as soon as
  • tolldoy : always, forever
  • ver : very, much, highly
  • willa : together


Tryker Basic meaning
anceart false, forged, wrong
anlor bad, wicked, evil, ill-favoured, ugly
annaw old, ancient, outdated
anry trite, trivial
anrya weak, soft, poor
anryal sad, unhappy
antaal small, short, little
beka foolish
ceart true
lim distant, far
lor favourable, beautiful, nice
naw new, young
nios more
py numerous, many, large
ry magnificent, splendid
rya strong, brave
ryal happy, joyful
taal tall, grand, big


Tryker Basic meaning
amn love
andoy night, darkness
anmaka prey, decoy
annaw elder, old man
annios minus
anrya failure, weakling
bayl home, house, shelter
beka idiot, imbecile, fool
daen enemy
dek weapon
doy day
dreen drink
dyn help
gaalh blood, sap
kamei magic
kardmel armour
lean child, infant
loch lake
maka predator
mat asset
may raw material
meen duty, task
meer equality, parity, par
mel garment, apparel, clothing
neel requirement
nios plus
pik pick, pickaxe
sella division, split, partition
skaya star, blaze
tala brother, mate, comrade, friend
tali sister, comrade, friend
tryka freedom, liberty
tyll language, speech
winn wind
wytt water


Present Tense Basic meaning
ameen to love
anameen to hate
andolh to break, to undo, to unravel
beken to fight
cail to fail, to miss
dhad to die, to perish, to end
dolh to do, to make
dolheer to work
dreen to drink, to bib
dyneer to help, to support
eolas savoir
gan to go, to proceed, to travel
ganeer to come, to arrive
kard to protect, to guard, to preserve
kyl to kill, to murder
lyf to live, to exist
mat to hold, to possess
meen ought to, must
mekt to eat, to feed
pact can, to be able
pikeer to drill, to sink
pos to marry
reganeer to return
seel to see, to watch
selleen to divide, to share
syln to be
thik to think, to conceptualize
trygan to stroll, to walk, to promenade
tryk to dance, to undulate, to wave, to flicker
tyller to speak, to say, to talk
tylltryk to sing, to chant
wynt to want, to desire

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