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The Marauder Bosses
Aen the Desert Blade
Dante the Teaser
Lixie the Furious
Pei-Ruz the Rotten
Pei-Ziao the Pernicious
Sirgio the Wicked

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Pei-Ziao the Pernicious is one the leaders of the Marauders and one of the Bosses of Atys. He is one of the 6 Marauder leaders that players can challenge to obtain the Marauder armour, and one of the 4 that give Marauder heavy armour (the other 2 give light armour). His heavy armour is purple.

His lair is Highland Impasse in Knot of Dementia, and he cannot be drawn out of his lair. His special powers are:

  • He can use his dagger as a ranged weapon.
  • He cannot be harmed by anyone who is not inside his lair.
  • His special attack stuns everyone who is inside his lair for a long time.

And like all Marauder leaders, he has huge health and huge health regeneration, so that it takes lots of elementalists to kill him.

The usual strategy to kill him is to position all elementalists inside his lair along with a single meleer to distract him, and all healers outside his lair. Then it is just a matter of having enough fire-power and healing to beat his regeneration.

Strategy Guide [1]

By Fyrosfreddy.

Pei-Ziao is usually the 2nd NPC done during the hunts.

Best route there for ...
— Kami From Knot of Dementia Kami TP, head North-Northeast up the hill into the little alcove at the top.
— Karavan Folks can use the Kara TP in Knot of Dementia way up north and head SSW.
— Ranger Folks can use either TP in Knot of Dementia.
— Mara folks can come from Knot of Dementia TP, heading NNE.

Teams and league assemble outside until all is ready and again line up in straight lines in a star pattern away from Pei. The usual setup is as follows:

1 (one single) tank for Pei. Please no extra tanks ... need as many nukers as possible.. A level 100 healer will contribute more than a 2nd tank.

  1. Tank will engage Pei immediately upon entering while everyone gets set.
  2. As with Aen, everyone bombs away with their best nukes (usually poison). At the start you want to have a Bomb 1 in there as Pei has an invisible companion called Pei's Wrath
    Atysian Double Missile:
    Poison Damage 5 - (225)
    Poison Damage 5 - (225)
    Bomb Effect 1 - (40)
    Sap Credit 23 - (250)
    HP Credit 23 - (250)
    Range Credit 15 - (80)
    Time Credit 7 - (10)
    That's a bit of a strain on the healers so if it gets dicey, might wanna tone that down to 200. Again, make sure to check Sysinfo to see a) that you are hitting (doing damage) and b) you are hitting Pei and Pei's Wrath. If you are too far away from Pei, you will see your spells hit but they will do no damage.
  3. At a certain point, hunt leader may call out for Magic Protection Aura. When that point arrives, only the **designated** person in team should hit it ... and being on time when hitting it is important.
  4. At certain points Pei will stun everyone. At this point, if you are not stunned, forget about the team and heal the tank. If there's a 2nd tank, ignore them and keep the designated tank standing.
  5. At some point, Pei's Wrath will bite the dust. At which time you should switch and stop using the bomb spell. Once Pei's Wrath is dead, he loses his stun power.

The Marauder Bosses
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