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A guild leader is the leader of a guild. There can only be one leader at a time. When the guild is created, the player who paid to create it is made leader; later they can transfer the position by promoting another member to it, which will also demote them to high officer.

Guild leader's privileges

The guild leader has total discretion over the guild, and many options are only available to them. Only guild leaders can:

  • Promote members to high officers
  • Demote high officers.
  • Transfer leadership to another member (demoting themselves to high officer)
  • Kick high officers out of the guild
  • Disband the guild

Along with their high officers, guild leaders can also:

  • Declare on an outpost
  • Promote members to officers
  • Invite players to the guild
  • Kick normal members and officers from the guild
  • Change the guild's guild hall
  • Have full access to the guild hall's inventory

Inactive guild leaders

If a guild leader is inactive for a certain amount of time, members of the guild can petition the CSR and GMs to replace the guild leader with a more active candidate.