Out of Slavery

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As we walked through Maiden Grove looking for momentous events to report upon, we came upon a Tryker and a Zoraï conducting some intense negotiations. We approached the pair, and as they finished their talk, we spoke to the Zoraï.

Interviewer: "Excuse me Sir Zoraï! Could you spare us a few minutes of your time?"

The zoraï looked back,and even through his mask we could tell he was perturbed.

Zoraï: "Sorry... Can’t stop now..."

Interviewer: "Please wait! We only want to ask you a few questions about that Tryker."

The Zorai turned in our direction.

Zoraï: "You saw me with the Tryker?"

Interviewer: "Well, yes."

Zoraï: "Erm, you won't talk to anyone about it, right? I... I will answer to your questions."

Interviewer: "Of course, don't be frightened. To begin with, what’s all this about? And why don’t you want anyone to know?"

Zoraï: "That Tryker is a member of the Shadow Runners tribe. They sell different things... I have some transactions with them and I think that my family, ever conscious of their pride would disown me if they knew."

Interviewer: "Hum, and where can we find this tribe? I have some questions to ask them."

Zoraï: "Ask them questions? I can’t remember where they can be found, sorry I can’t help you."

Interviewer: "Think about our arrangement..."

Zoraï: "But I... Oh ok then... you can find them in the north east of Maiden Grove."

Interviewer: "Thank you very much, you won’t regret this...

Due to the extreme stress evinced by our zorai friend, reluctantly we let him leave.

Our next stop was obviously the camp of the shadow Runners. As we approached the Homin who seemed to be their leader he accosted us directly.

Shadow Runner: "Hey you! What do you want here?"

Interviewer: "Well, we came for..."

Shadow Runner: "Let me guess. You want a sword? A spear?"

Interviewer: "No, not really..."

Shadow Runner: "A mektoub then!"

Interviewer: "No, we don’t want to buy anything... We only want to ask you some questions..."

Shadow Runner: "Questions? Sorry we don’t do questions here – you hear the Homin, lads?"

As the camp broke into raucous laughter, we gathered that commerce was their only interest.

Interviewer: "We write interviews, and if you answer our questions, think of the publicity you might generate for your sales"

The leader stopped laughing.

Shadow Runner: "Mmmmhhh... Thinking about it... you are right! But make it fast, time is dappers. I don't want to miss a good deal because of you."

Interviewer: "Thanks. Can you tell us a little about you and your tribe?"

Shadow Runner: "My name is Ba'Roley Hathy. I'm the leader of this tribe, the Shadow Runners. We sell pretty much everything to everybody. We are all Trykers and as you can see, our symbol is a Tryker hidden in Jungle."

Interviewer: "When exactly did you settle here?"

Ba'Roley: "We created our first camp in 2505, after our release."

Interviewer: "Your release?"

Ba'Roley: "Yes... you know... release!"

Interviewer: "Explain it to us; we don't understand what you mean?"

Ba'Roley: "Well... we were slaves and slavery is a sickness that we must fight! Some people still hold to this sick philosophy to this day!"

Interviewer: "Er who?"

Ba'Roley: "I’m not going to talk about this."

Interviewer: "Ok, that is your decision. But then... You were slaves? of who?"

Ba'Roley: "Of the Matis Hamazans. They were using us... then one night the Masters of the Goo attacked the Hamazans and we took the chance to run away, taking Mektoubs and arms with us and hiding in the jungle undergrowth. So we came here and now we are our own masters."

Interviewer: "That's an interesting history Ba'Roley. And what are selling to who?"

Ba'Roley: "To everybody with the dappers. We sell them what they want."

Interviewer: "Even to the Hamazans?"

Ba'Roley: "Of course! There is a special price for them though..."

Interviewer: "But they don't want to exterminate you after your... common history?"

Ba'Roley began to laugh.

Ba'Roley: "No, they need us too much! Still I told you that my time is precious and I have spent enough of it on you. Just tell your readers that that we have the lowest prices."

Interviewer: "Erm well... Thanks for all the information!"

Ba'Roley: "It was a pleasure... Looking forward to all the business you will be generating for us!"

interview with the Shadow Runners.

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