The Mystery of the Renegades

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de:Das Geheimnis der Renegaten
en:The Mystery of the Renegades
es:El misterio de los Renegados
fr:Le mystère des Renégats
ru:Загадка Ренегатов.
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2022-02-23)

Today, our roving reporters met a Homin who was sent to go and kill some renegades on the orders of Xan Zessen. Intrigued by this, we decided to ask exactly why a captain of Dyron is asking the homins to kill the renegades.

Reporter: Hello Captain Zessen, we hope we are not disturbing you.

Xan Zessen: Greetings, I am afraid that I am very busy today, so please keep this short..

Reporter: Thanks captain. We have just met a Homin who was asked by you to kill some Renegades. The name that is given to them surely gives some indication as to their nature, but can you tell me more about this matter?

Xan Zessen: Ah, I see where you are coming from... As a captain, however I only apply the orders. I'm told to give the mission to kill the renegades, and I only obey as a good Fyros!

Having replied thus, Xan Zessen kept quiet, clearly watching for our reaction.

Reporter: Err, we never doubted you Captain...

Xan Zessen: Good.

Reporter: But... Can't you tell us more about the renegades?

Xan Zessen: Some people just don’t know when to give up, it seems. Very well, I will give you some very basic information.

Reporter: Thank you Captain.

Xan Zessen: So... The symbol of the renegades is a tower on a dune. You may not have seen it, but the tribe itself is formed by Fyros and some Matis. These Matis are actually mercenaries who work for the renegades. Their enemies are the Fyros and the Kamis, which is why the Kamis would like to see them removed.

The Captain fell silent again, and it was clear that he did not wish to expound further.

Reporter: Ack, so you have no other information to give us?

Xan Zessen: I told you that I am a busy homin. Please go now and let me continue my duties. Perhaps if you search, you might find somebody who can tell you more. I strongly suggest that you start in Pyr.

Reporter: Thank you, Captain.

interview with Fyros officials on the topic of the Renegades.

After this brief discussion with Xan Zessen, we made the journey to Pyr.
Considering all aspects of the problem, we hoped that the best person to give us information would be the chief guard of Pyr.

Reporter: Hello Chief. We hope that we are not disturbing you.

Guard Chief: No, not at all, come in and take a seat.

Reporter: Thank you. We have recently been to see Xan Zessen to ask about the renegades, but the captain wasn't very loquacious and didn't seem to want to tell us very much. Can you talk to us about them?

Guard Chief: Well, what exactly did you wish to discover?

Reporter: Hmm, for a start we would like to find out why they have that name?

Guard Chief: Very simple; these individuals were banned from our beautiful city of Pyr in 2497. Their goal is simply to provoke a revolt, as they intend to overthrow our Emperor. What preposterous idea! Our glorious Emperor who does so many things for our people!

Given that the Guard chief looked ready to carry on about the Empire all day, interesting though his speech was, we cut him short.

Reporter: We know all of this Chief, and we we share your sentiments, but perhaps we could get back to the focus of this discussion, namely the renegades?

Guard Chief: Yes, of course. Where was I...

Reporter: That they want to overthrow our Emperor.

Guard Chief: Yes! and by any means possible. Initally our spies indicate that they will attempt to raise a rebellion, which has to be a crazy idea, as who would follow them?. Laughs. Finally, they will try by force too. Our information sources suggest that they will attempt to build an army to march on Pyr. You will note the Matis who work for them. These are of course mercenaries.

Reporter: Yes, Xan Zessen explained that to us.

Guard Chief: I am not really telling you anything fresh then....

Reporter: Of course! And what you are teaching us is quite frightening.

Guard Chief: Don't be scared, my guards are strong and will protect us all. These renegades have absolutely no chance in the long run.

Reporter: Thank you Chief, your words and attitude show that they are doomed to fail.

Guard Chief: I hope so!

Reporter: Their goal then is to take control of the Empire?

Guard Chief: Indeed. They will stop their revolt only in exchange for the capital. The Fyros would then be subject to a merciless dictatorship, which would be a catastrophy. Moreover, I have a very low opinion of these troublemakes. It is even said that some of the tribe’s dignitaries would leave their place for an important position in our society… you see their concept of honour...?

Reporter: Yes... Thank you Chief for all this information. We can enlighten our readers on the matter now!

Guard Chief: You are most welcome! It is always a pleasure to read your interviews.

interview with Fyros officials on the topic of the Renegades.

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