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Archiver's note: This message was marked to send to O'Duffy Garmer, responsible for the suppliers of the military encampments, built during the "Spring, when tents blossomed" event.

Lordoy nair-O'Duffy Garmer,

I have just inspected the sites and have seen that the work is progressing rapidly. At least as far as Witchy Coves, Resting Water and Twin Tops are concerned... The camps of Loria Ponds and Hush Hole are less advanced. I went there, thinking to find a beer merchant had come to interrupt the Trykers at work, but no, nothing! So i went to the camp builders, and they assured me they were spending long days, without beer or rest, so to speak, waiting for materials and components to be assembled at the warehouse.

I interviewed several vendors, beer in hand, to understand the reasons for the delays supplying the sites furthest from the capital. My small investigation leads me to believe that the road to the most remote camps is a bit... dangerous. Hunting grounds of some large predators, if you know what i mean... So most Mektoub drivers refuse to lead their mount or packer through there, claiming the journey to be too long and dangerous, and the feeding costs too high.

So for the good of the project, I decided to offer something that should motivate people: to accelerate the construction of the camps, I will reward Mektoub drivers who make a delivery with a sum of 10.000 dappers at the time of delivery. This will compensate them for the cost of food for their Mektoubs. "Rest or dappers, you must choose", my uncle Ba'Dairi always used to say!

The carrier of this beautifully written letter (you will appreciate the effort, I hope) shall deliver a small wooden chest, containing enough dappers to pay for deliveries for several days, to the overseer of each camp. They will be resupplied on a regular basis. Note that those dappers may not be spent on anything else!

I leave you to your work,

Ken bai Winni kard sul, yem tala,

Tor Lochi,

Ba'Darins Baksan, AC II 2546 JY

letter written by Ba'Darins Baksan.

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