The Call from the Powers

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Some time after Elias Tryton's warning to the homin peoples, his prediction became reality. The sacred war left the domain of preparation and entered the battlefield.

The emissaries of the Karavan organised a big assembly at Yrkanis while the spokesmen for the Kami gathered their faithful at Zora. Homins worried about their fate attended in great numbers. Each power exhorted its listeners to rally under their banner, condemning the other because of past sins and current intentions. The Karavan promised to protect the homins against the peril of the demons of nature, who wished to "assimilate" the homins. The Kami promised to safeguard Atys and to defend the homins' freedom.

The homins reacted enthusiastically to those speeches in which their suzerains took part. A large number of them lined up under the banners of the Kami or the Karavan, ready to take up arms in order to defend their faith and their future. Others were appalled by the thought of the hardships that the war would bring upon them.

After the two big Kami and Karavan assemblies, their representatives came to preach among the four peoples once more. The Karavan asked its faithful to build temples to Jena once again. The previous temples had been devoured by the kitins during the Great Swarming. These temples would be the home of the Goddess, a shelter for the faithful, and the base on which Jena would once again found her church. Ma-Duk asked her faithful to build sanctuaries so that her spirit was ever closer to her adorers and ever ready to protect them. The faithful joyfully welcomed the divine word. The Emperor Dexton and the Grand Sage Mabreka promised to construct Ma-Duk's sanctuaries and reject the temples of Jena. In contract, King Yrkanis rejected the sanctuaries of Ma-Duk and promised a temple to the Goddess Jena. Alone among the homins, the Trykers agreed to build a place consecrated to each of the divinities.

Finally, the long-awaited or long-feared day arrived. The building of the temples could commence. Around Zora, Yrkanis, Pyr and Fairhaven the building sites of the temples and sanctuaries were erected, waiting for the homins. In a torrent, homins rushed to the building sites, received their missions and left their lands far behind, heading for the bleak place which had once been ravaged by the Great Swarming. For the first time in many a year homins once again trampled the ground of their Ancient Lands. Some homins didn't share in the jubilation, their hearts being heavy with worry, and secretly they hoped for a message from Elias Tryton.

excerpt from The Erlan Chronicles, by Erlan, chronicler.

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