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Notes: (Dorothée, 2022-02-23)

Today our social reporter concludes our series on Homin weddings by interviewing Nuani Lei, the chief flower girl at a wedding that took place in Zora last week.

Reporter: Hello there, Nuani, and thank you for sparing the time to talk to me.

Nuani Lei: Heh, that’s no problem, while I am doing this I don’t have to be doing my homework!

Reporter: Er right, perhaps you could start by explaining some of the background behind the traditional Zorai Wedding?

Nuani Lei: Sure thing!

For us Zoraïs, though marriage is set apart from Kami enlightenment and that religious stuff, the older folks like it ‘cos it keeps things stable. It’s also supposed to help us understand the opposite sex better, but I don’t see how anyone who has met my brother can believe that’s possible! Anyway, understanding of any sort is good, and helps us all on the Kamic path, I guess. The bride and groom have to be engaged for ages – at least three seasons, and they are meant to look after each other during that time, the groom doing all the work for a season, then the bride, then both taking mutual responsibility.

If it all goes horribly wrong they can get divorced, but it’s very expensive and people still don’t really approve of it.

Reporter: Is there a formal day for the wedding?

Nuani Lei: Yep, The date of the wedding ceremony is then fixed and normally falls on the Quinteth. Weddings may not be celebrated on the Holeth, the day of Ma-Duk, nor during Remembrance Week – this is considered extreme bad luck.

Reporter: And the ceremony?

Nuani Lei: Well, the wedding is conducted by an experienced and respected Homin, typically a magician who knows the Prime Roots and has traveled widely. When they arrive, the guests have to show the official invitation at the entrance of the sanctuary.

The bride and groom spend weeks crafting little tokens to send out as invites. Anything will do as long as its traditionally Zorai-crafted. However once the boring stuff is over, anyone in town is welcome to the party! Of course, Zoraïs are not materialistic like some folks, but gifts are always welcome when you’ve got a home to set up.

Our weddings are not especially religious, so it’s up to the couple how they want the ceremony really. They can be held it anywhere, from the guild hall to the Kami sanctuary. The one I was at last week was held at the castle in Zora, a very nice location for the party after. The bride and groom make each others rings which we wear on the index finger because we are told this is the one that links to your soul. Life giving rings are a nice gesture, to indicate the long life of the marriage.

Someone always brings along a foraging tool too, this is supposed to symbolize Atys itself, and well, you know, fertility. They usually have a bit of fun with these later; we put one in the honeymoon bed!

Other items people bring are rare prime roots materials bought by the witnesses to show the diversity of life and how we rely on Atys, and the bride makes the groom a set of purple Zorai clothes, I’m not sure if this is supposed to show who wears the trousers!

Reporter: On the subject of dress, what is the code for attire?

Nuani Lei: Oohh well, dress is always colourful of course, no one wears black. We all wear our best jewelry and put new tattoos on our masks too. Traditionally, the bride wears an elaborate hairstyle for the occasion, and a purple dress. The groom starts out wearing only a loin cloth at the beginning but the bride hands him the purple clothes she’s made to show that they are now a sharing couple. In return he offers her the foraging tool.

All the guests sit in a circle around the Homin in charge, and we flower girls scatter petals on the ground all around. The groom arrives first on his mek wearing only basic clothes or a loin cloth. His friends and relations draw him into the centre of the circle where his bride who is usually a few minutes later arriving joins him. Then they have the ceremony bit; oh and at the end they bathe each other in the light of Ma-duk - that bit always makes me cry – then it’s time to party!

Usually some friend will compose a new song or dance to perform at the party, often as the guests offer their congratulations to the couple. They start the dancing, and the festivities usually go on all night!

Reporter: Nuani, thank you for your insights into Zorai wedding lore.

interview with Nuani Lei, a future-maried Zora female.

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