The Liberation of the Trykers

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de:Die_Befreiung der Tryker
en:The_Liberation of the Trykers
es:La Liberación de los Trykers
fr:La Libération des Trykers
ru:Освобождение Трикеров
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The Liberation of the Trykers

narrated by Derry O' Darren, Tryker chronicler.

Using the calamity in the north to break the Fyros-Tryker alliance, the Matis king, Aniro III, led a searing campaign into the Lakelands. Although the surviving Trykers were reduced to servitude at the hands of his forces, one organized company of rebels, led by Loria, managed to escape and took refuge in the depths of Atys.

Traveling through the Prime Roots, these Tryker heroes succeeded in breaking the chains of their brethren and smuggled them through the roots of Atys, braving dangers of the worst kind.

At the same time, Abylus the Erudite, then old, feared the collapse of the Fyros empire without water from the aqueduct that crossed Matis territory from the Lakelands and into the Desert. He launched a massive attack on the Matis front, hoping to restore the aqueduct. The Matis force, deep in the throes of war with the Fyros, could not quell the uprising led by the Company of Loria which brought back the Trykers to the Lakelands.

Loria then divided her people into battle groups, each led by a member of her Company. Their purpose was to lead repeated attacks on the southern front. This tactic caused much damage and helped the weakened Fyros force that fought the Matis in the north and west.

Aniro III, confronted with Fyros-Tryker pressure, made the decision to withdraw from the Lakelands rather than lose them completely. The road of water was opened once more and the now more war-like Trykers concentrated on building their defenses against future attacks.

Only two generations later, the Matis people once again turned their gaze to the west and the south, hoping to take advantage of the Kitin plague that decimated the Fyros population, but never again would the Trykers face the Matis armies in the Lakelands. The Kitin left the Fyros region in the north and advanced into the forests of the Matis, devouring their troops and attacking them from behind. It was not long before the Kitin advanced into the Tryker homeland and eliminated all traces of the homins there.

Derry O' Darren, Tryker chronicler.

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