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This is the page of Ryzom Game-Servers or “Shards”.

Currently, Ryzom has one (international) active game server, and separate servers for development and testing purposes. Historically there have been more servers that no longer exist.

Current Servers


Ryzom Server (or Shard) that replaces the former Aniro, Arispotle, and Leanon ones since 2012.


The pre-release server for testing forthcoming events and features ( Development Team, Testing Team, Translation Team).


Server for the developers to test stuff on.

Historical Servers


Originally Ryzom had three game servers, one for each official language, and a separate server for all the features of Ring. Other servers also existed that no longer exist.

Each server had its own Customer Service Representative, its own Event Team, and its own Lore, history, and timeline (the servers share their history up until launch, then went in their own directions). They caused a bunch of difficulties, when, in 2012 ( 2562 - 2570), it was decided to merge the three communities into a single one on Atys (the Merge, the Second Swarm).

Any player could make characters on any server, but once a character was made, it couldn't be transferred to another server except in extraordinary circumstances.

Due to these different histories English, German, and French wiki pages of the first part of Ryzom history may differ noticeably; and this is especially so, since the wikis were independent of the "Ryzom" project.


Now shut down, There was a separate server for Ring scenarios, so that any Ring scenario could be joined by players from all servers. Thus the Ring was the only place where characters from different servers could meet. Ring has been partially replaced by a Scenery Editor, but as of 2021, with no scenario capabilities.

Advanced Test Server (ATS)

The ATS was used in order to test the next features that would be available in Ryzom. Access was restricted to selected players.


5 October 2006 - 2007
An international server opened in 2006, which closed down and merged with Arispotle Server mid-2007. An event was held at the Pyr Agora in celebration of the merge. Players from Cho were awarded the title "Journeyer".


16 September 2004 - 4 April 2005
Windermeer was one of the two original English-speaking shards when Ryzom was released in 2004. Later Windermeer was merged with Arispotle and was closed down. All players that called Windermeer their home were awarded the title "Wayfarer".


English server, now shut down.

As you're currently on the English wiki, any information on this wiki concerning this server's activity period (like the outpost registry, guild registry or list of events) may not concern or have existed on other servers.


French server, now shut down.


German server, now shut down.

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