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Founded by Uliaryn and Vixen on 11h - Tria, Thermis 9, 3e CA 2527. We are one of the oldest Kami guilds still active. We mainly are from the US, but have players all over the world. You will mainly see us digging and crafting, but will hunt with the best of homins.

We are currently recruiting. Shoot a tell to a High Officer for information.

General Information


Admittance Requirements

  • 35 in any skill


  • Leader: Entendu
  • High Officers: (active)
    • MarcusAurelias
    • Ricke
    • Wilderbeast
  • Officers: (active)
    • Habiff [1]
    • Jakine
    • Moonlightmist
    • Piknix
    • Uliaryn

High Officer Requirements

  • 150 in a 2h Melee weapon fight tree
  • 150 in Jewel crafting
  • 150 Offensive magic
  • 150 in either Light or Heavy armor crafting
  • 150 in a 2h Melee weapon craft
  • 150 in Magic Amp crafting
  • 60 Kami Fame with PR TPs
  • 35 Fyros Civilization Fame
  • High Officers must never share their High Officer account with anyone.