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Atys Souls boasts a friendly and laid back environment in which members are free to pursue their own interests and play styles while at the same time counting on the guild's support.

We regularly team up for hunts, treks, digging sessions, fame runs or simply to have a good time.

Atys Souls started as a traditional Yrkanis based Karavan guild. But after a period of cultural exchange with the Zoraï race, guild leader Yorran decided to follow the path of spiritual enlightenment and swear allegiance to the Zoraï Dynasty. All Zoraï Initiates are now welcome in the guild.

General Information


  • Server: Arispotle
  • Homeland: Verdant Heights
  • Guild Hall: Yrkanis
  • Alignment:
  • Races Allowed: All
  • PvP Stance: Optional
  • RP Stance: Semi
  • Ryzom Armory: Armory profile


  • Leader: Belaa
  • High Officers:
    • Exterminador
    • Deathdeal
    • Rikutatis
  • Officers:
    • Ezila
    • Yulrixx

Atys Souls Primer

Guild Identity: What, a Zoraï Karavan guild?!

It may seem strange at first glance that a group of Karavan followers would swear allegiance to the Zoraï civilization and even more strange that they would in fact be accepted among the blue skinned people. After all, the Zoraï culture revolves around a Kami-worshipping theocracy.

However, one must remember that King Yrkanis himself resided in Zora for a time as an exile. Mabreka Cho gave him asylum and helped him dethrone his father's half-brother and become the new king of the Matis. That marked the beginning of a deeper cultural exchange between Zoraï'i and Matis Karavaneers.

A cultural exchange that eventually led to the conversion of Yrkanis-based guild Atys Souls to Zoraï culture.

Out of the three governing principles of the Zoraï'i - Wisdom, Spiritual Accomplishment and Respect for Nature - the one that tends to cause the most disagreements between Zoraï'i and Karavan is respect for nature. The Zoraï'i disapprove of how the Karavan attempts to study and master the natural forces of Atys.

This is a source of contradiction and conflict that Atys Souls members must cope with in order to come up with their own answers.