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The Guardians of Jena are a long standing guild filled with people from all over the world. We are from USA, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Germany, Finland, Japan and Austria to name a few!

Teamwork and a good sense of humour are very important, especially when called on to kill bosses, dig and craft or give life consultation!

We support the neutral division of lands among both Karavan and Kami guilds, support all civilizations against the marauders and will help other guilds that are helpful and share with one another.

To describe us in a single sentence: We are "more of a big family of awesomeness than a guild" (Gryshnozk) and "We stand for justice and fairness" (Mibybar)

General Information


  • Server: Arispotle
  • Guild Hall: Fairhaven
  • Alignment:
  • Races Allowed: We promise not to pick on Matis - despite their history...
  • PvP Stance: Not a lot
  • RP Stance: Moderate. We often join in on the events of Atys.
  • Ryzom Armory: Armory profile
  • Motto: "Respect others and uphold Karavan values."


  • Leader: Binarabi

  • High Officers:
    • Crafy
    • Fitis
    • Edgarshrodinger
    • Dexos
    • Gasket
    • Masac
    • Miniion
    • Moonbabe
    • Oorta
    • Rael
    • Sonej
    • Spieko
  • Officers: (Most of which are active)
    • Calta
    • Cript
    • Delaino
    • Delerec
    • Eikichi
    • Goshi
    • Gryshnozk
    • Happyboy
    • Hellrond
    • Jaicee
    • Lacyeon
    • Lalani
    • Lexius
    • Madwife
    • Mibybar
    • Mypetite
    • Naema
    • Orpya
    • Petu
    • Qayyus
    • Seriesh
    • Shammi
    • Shenshen
    • Sonin
    • Spieko
    • Traceon