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Aeden Artisans is a long-lived and proud guild. We are Karavan, loyal followers of Jena, and allied with our fellow Karavan guilds. We are also a Tryker guild, based in beautiful Fairhaven, though we welcome homins of all races.

As our name suggests we are diggers and crafters, however we are also mages and warriors and team together to hunt/level. Some of our members RP, others do not, each is free to play as s/he chooses. The main focus of AA, regardless of what each guildie does, is to enjoy spending time, both on Atys and on Ventrilo, with our fellow guildmates.

You can find a more lengthy description of AA here:

If interested in learning more about the guild, send a /tell to Hekla, Goldcrest, Hechicera, Lhyrs or Sellen!

Guild Information



  • High Officers:
    • Aruchima
    • Awendelle
    • Beeficus
    • Chongon
    • Ciliana
    • Crailus
    • Drekai
    • Entendu
    • Firstdo
    • Foxykitten
    • Goldcrest
    • Hekla
    • Mashnee
    • Meagon
    • Studdmuffin
    • Syliph
    • Utai
    • Zeezee
  • Officers:
    • Bennassi
    • Bucshotz
    • Earthdancer
    • Koallasu
    • Lhyrs
    • Soloreaper

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