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Order of the Silver Dragons

We are a family that is loyal, and respect one another. We will stand by you for you are not alone. We are the Order of the Silver Dragons and we shall prevail!

General Information



  • Leader: Collanaro
  • High Officers:
    • Feledryn


We are an ancient order, and while much of our history and lore too were lost in the Great Swarming, there is much yet that remains. Not all of it I can share with you, but perhaps you have heard of the Dragon of Myth, which the Fyros seek, or the Great Dragon whom the Karavan teach is the enemy of Jena, their sun goddess who they believe created Atys? Well, if these dragons are evil entities, know that we represent a force for good which their minions would have reason to fear. This I will say, the Order of the Silver Dragons carry within them a power to stand against such menace.

The Silver Dragons are honourable, but we are warriors, willing to start fights when called for, waging war as it suits our needs and purposes, glorying in the joy of battle. Warriors and mystics of compassion and honour, the Order are those that defend Atys, and stand by all of her allies.

As warriors and protectors of all free people amongst hominkind, we are allies of the proud Fyros people, for we also stand for honour, justice, and all that is good; however, we differ from them in that we do not seek conquest for its own sake. We are not imperialist, we are defenders of our land. Our Order are guardians of the innocent, and a shield for those who cannot protect themselves against malevolent forces which would deny them the chance to live and prosper in freedom.

As keen seekers of mystical knowledge and wisdom, we welcome the guidance of the Kami, whose great knowledge of magic, and of both the seen and unseen aspects of the Living Planet, we wish to bring together with our own.

We welcome homins of all walks of life, warriors and magicians, scientists and craftsmen, explorers and adventurers, to our ranks. We bear no enmity towards any of the four great races and civilizations of the planet we all share. Indeed we share many ideals with the different races of Atys, the Matis' drive for excellence, the Trykers' love of freedom and adventure, and the Zoraïs' passion for peace, mystic knowledge, and the preservation of Atys.

Neither do we hold any grudge against the Karavan, or their followers, but we find many of their restrictions and prohibitions are counter to our commitment to the pursuit and sharing of mystical knowledge. Many secrets can be found within the Prime Roots. They are a dangerous place, and we do not tread them lightly, but a Silver Dragon is fearless, holding no unreasoning terror of the unknown in his or her heart. There is nowhere we lack the courage to enter, no danger we cannot summon the conviction to face.

Knowledge is the right of all good homins. Its witholding and denial is the greatest form of oppression any people can suffer. Therefore we aid the Kami in their cause, rather than the Karavan, but we will not refuse aid to anyone in need, and we treat even those who make themselves our enemies with respect and honour.

Guild Information

So who are we, as a community of players? In the immortal words of the Dragon Highlord, Sook Dukar:

Greetings traveler,

First and foremost, I feel it is important for you to clearly understand who we are, what we value, and most importantly, how you might fit into our community. This guide was created for this very reason. So for now, sit back, relax, and allow me to walk you through the steps required to become a part of what we truly believe is the best online community (guild) around. So go and refill your cup, I’ll continue when you return…

…Ok, good…here we go:

The first thing to remember, above all else, we pride ourselves on being a rather mature community although most of our significant others may beg to differ. This organization is not interested in blasting through content just to be the 1st at anything. We, as one of our guild mates have stated, play these games to have fun, relax, decompress from work, and enjoy the content. Stopping to smell the flowers along the way is what we’re all about. So, does this sound like you? -=chuckles=- Good! Read on…

Our community is very interested in how we might be able to leverage our Role-Playing talents and imaginations to enhance the gaming experience. Does this mean we are a hardcore role-playing community? Absolutely not, but we’re mature enough to respect the various playing styles of our members. Anything we can think of doing to make the experience more exciting and entertaining for the group, we’re all over it. I should add, there are many of us that seek the end game material... The community in general is very experienced MMO's but there are many that are not... So whether you seek a group that is very advanced, or a group of beginners, I'm sure we'll have a home for you.

We don’t endorse mass recruitment, or “blind recruiting” in any way, shape or form. Numbers, frankly, are far less important to us than the quality of the people around us. If you wish to enter our stronghold and become one, with the Order of the Silver Dragons, we welcome you to continue reading these scrolls in order to familiarize yourself with our culture and our laws.

I believe the most critical thing I can tell you at this point is that we value our online community. Communication is key. Our online forums are the core and heart of this organization. Your contributions here are how we measure your worth. There will be a day, a time, an age, when this game, or that, will fade away into oblivion but as we see it, the Order will remain… This is not just a “Gaming Guild” you are joining friend, it is a community of peers, and we’re a family.

Traveler, if you can live with our beliefs, we welcome you.

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