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Last version 2020-06-15•

Here are the namespace value and content (with notes or questions). In short, it's historic (from merges):

  • DE and EN wikis are close.
  • FR is very different.
  • Forge comes from an other wiki (most pages are in FR, EN, DE: but EN is now the "official" one).
  • And common (host files for all wikis) is very different from others (close to EN).

Names spaces (ns)

Ex of namespaces: Category:, Talk:, User:

To discover them, it seems Heernis used the code {{Special:AllPages|namespace=1}}, adding +1 until reach 105 (event talk). But there's an API tips who show all ns w/api.php?action=query&meta=siteinfo&siprop=namespaces with the canonical names - for ex:

Common to all

Each ns has it's own talk/Discussion ns,with ns+1. To be brief, no talk here (see more detailed pages) BUT un-usual.

Commons to all:

  • There's some negative values (for the all 6 wikis): -2 Media and -1 special
  • Namespace 0 - Main
  • Namespace 2 - User (in fr, or Utilisateur or Utilisatrices)
  • Namespace 6 - File - Fichier (but now, all files will be uploaded in the common but FR have some in there + on SP it's called Archives)
  • Namespace 8 - MediaWiki used to hold system messages and other important content
  • Namespace 10 - Template
  • Namespace 12 - Help
  • Namespace 14 - Category - Catégorie

The atys/common has no ns after 15. The other 5 wikis have the common following ns:

  • 100 - Guild
  • 104 Events
  • 106 Portal

The advance Search show some ns too. Here are images, to compare:

EN wiki

See Wiki Technical Guide/EN ns list


  • Namespace 4 - Ryzom Wiki and 5 Namespace 5 - Ryzom Wiki talk
  • Namespace 104 - Event

  • NS MediaWiki ->used to hold system messages and other important content (.js etc) + some page in DE
  • NS file -> full of jpg
  • NS help -> about 20p, most are obsolete (before wikis merge ?)
  • NS guild -> about 75p
  • Event ns -> about 39p

1. Talk 2. User (som ip in here) 3. User talk

4. Ryzom wiki 5. Ryzom wiki talk

6. File (it's when someone added a local description) 7. looks like empty 8. MediaWiki (some .js and .css ... is it to archive ?) 9. looks like empty

10. Template 11. Template talk 12. Help (about wiki) 13. Help talk

14. Category 15. Category talk

100. Guild 101. Guild talk

104. Event 105. Event talk

FR ns

Wiki Technical Guide/FR ns liste

see fr:Guide Technique du wiki/FR ns liste (commands are KO in here)

  • Namespace 4 - EncyclopAtys (canonical name: Project)
  • 6 - File - Fichier : not empty there's a lot of files in here : Images in the File's NS on FR wiki
  • Namespace 100 - Guilde
  • Namespace 106 - Portail - Portal

DE ns

de:Technischer Wiki-Leitfaden/DE ns list

Looks like the EN, but no Event namespace, less pages and talk

  • Ryzom Wiki contains some doc, admin pages, Über Ryzom Wiki
  • File is empty
  • event is empty

SP ns

es:Ayuda:SP ns list

  • File is empty
  • Event is empty

RU ns

ru:Справка:RU ns list

Atys Common ns

See atys:Help:Common ns list‎ from Common ns list on atys common

As the DE/EN wikis: User (ns 2), File (ns 6), Template 10, Help (ns 12) 3p, Category (ns 14)

  • Namespace 4 - Ryzom Commons (ns 4, canonical name is Project)

About the Help pages

With the the wikis merge, we have now a lot of pages about the help on wikis... Lot of them are obsoletes and contradictory, and use different namespaces but can use the category:Help to to bring them together.


Users are common. Only the profiles are on 1 (or more) wikis. Each wiki has its DB.

More on fr:Guide Technique du wiki/Permissions


Wiki codes about categories

  • For tree in French wiki : fr:Utilisatrice:Craftjenn/ArboCaté
  • on common, Heernis used <categorytree mode="all" depth="20" showcount"on" hideprefix="never">Wikipatys</categorytree> to get result: Wikipatys, Deutsch, English, Graphic Charter, Hidden categories
  • The code <categorytree>Foo</categorytree> on a wiki page, will show the contents of category Foo as a dynamic tree on that page.

From :

  • let's try a all mode on Encyclopatys <categorytree mode="all" depth="20" showcount"on" hideprefix="never">Encyclopatys</categorytree>:
nothing found
  • a parent mode <categorytree mode="parents" depth="20" showcount"on" hideprefix="never">Mysteries</categorytree>:
  • let's try an other <categorytree style="margin-left: 30px;" mode="all" namespaces="Talk" depth="2">Encyclopatys</categorytree>
no pages or subcategories
  • <categorytree mode="all" depth="2">Root</categorytree>

  • With mode=parents we can see all parents of a category :) But how from EN wiki get the FR/EN values ? (tried fr:CategoryName and :fr:CategoryName)
  • depth default is 1. 0 will give roots categories
  • hideroot: set this to "on" to hide the "root" node of the tree (ex: hideroot=on)
  • The {{#categorytree:Foo|hideroot|mode=pages}} parser function, same but with other syntax. Using the parser function syntax has the advantage that it allows you to use magic words (such {{#categorytree:{{PAGENAME}}}}), templates ({{#categorytree:{{root category}}}}) and template parameters when specifying the category to show.

care the X-files

In FR, X-files is different
Wikis compa cat 2020-03-17 15-07-45.png

Some stats and Links

Here are the namespace value and content on other wikis

DE and EN wikis are close. FR is very different. Forge comes from an other wiki. And common (host files for all wikis) is very different from others (close to EN). It's historic (from merges).