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  • The French wiki has nearly 3x more pages than the English one.
  • Most of the Users stats are the same in the 5 wikis (excepts the Registered - and the DE wiki has a lot of users for few content pages)
  • For a bureaucrat Uploaded files show nothing but on COMMON. Maybe you must be an admin, or ?

FR wiki

Statistiques des pages

Pages de contenu 2 863
Pages (Toutes les pages du wiki, y compris les pages de discussion, les redirections, etc.) 6 188
Fichiers importés 400

Statistiques des modifications

Modifications de pages depuis l'installation de EncyclopAtys 50 054
Nombre moyen de modifications par page 8,09

Statistiques des utilisateurs

Utilisateurs inscrits 677
Utilisateurs actifs (liste des membres) (fait au moins une action pendant les 30 derniers j) 2
Robots (liste des membres) 4
Administrateurs (liste des membres) 22
Bureaucrates (liste des membres) 72

EN wiki

Page statistics

Content pages 1,122
Pages (All p, including talk pages, redirects, etc.) 14,645
Uploaded files 553

Edit statistics

Page edits since Ryzom Wiki was set up 35,760
Average edits per page 2.44

User statistics

Registered users 608
Active users (list of members) (who have performed an action in the last 30 d) 2
Bots (list of members) 4
Administrators (list of members) 22
Bureaucrats (list of members) 72

DE wiki


Inhaltsseiten 692
Seiten (Alle Seiten in diesem Wiki, inklusive Diskussionsseiten, Weiterleitungen usw.) 5.873
Hochgeladene Dateien 0


Seitenbearbeitungen 14.339
Bearbeitungen pro Seite im Durchschnitt 2,44


Registrierte Benutzer 4.546


Page statistics

Content pages 17
Pages (All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.) 20,884
Uploaded files 15,875

Edit statistics

Page edits since Ryzom Commons was set up 30,665
Average edits per page 1.47

User statistics

Registered users 5,034

Active users (list of members) (Users who have performed an action in the last 30 days) 1

The link just above show 6 active users (so the statistics looks wrong)

  • 5 users has a profile on common Bepock, Dorothee, Lanstiril, Zo and craftjenn.
  • 2 has a talk page (Zo and craftjenn)
  • here is the list:
   Bepock (talk | contribs)‏‎ (bureaucrat) [32 actions in the last 30 days]
Craftjenn (talk | contribs)‏‎ (bureaucrat) [16 actions in the last 30 days]
Dorothée (talk | contribs)‏‎ (bureaucrat) [42 actions in the last 30 days]
Kurutani (talk | contribs)‏‎ (bureaucrat) [4 actions in the last 30 days]
Lanstiril (talk | contribs)‏‎ (bot, bureaucrat, administrator) [1 action in the last 30 days]
Zorroargh (talk | contribs)‏‎ (bureaucrat, recentchangescleanup, administrator) [53 actions in the last 30 days] show some content

  • File sizes about 1.88 GB

Spanish wiki

Estadísticas de páginas

Páginas de contenido 403
Páginas (Todas las páginas en el wiki, incluyendo páginas de discusión, redirecciones, etc.) 974
Archivos subidos 0

Estadísticas de ediciones

Ediciones en páginas desde que Ryzom Wiki fue instalado 5295
Promedio de ediciones por página 5,44

Estadísticas de usuarios

Usuarios registrados 584
Usuarios activos (lista de miembros) (Usuarios que han ejecutado una acción en los últimos 30 días) 0

RU wiki

Статистика по страницам

Статей 224
Страниц (Все страницы в вики, включая страницы обсуждения, перенаправления и прочее.) 640
Загружено файлов 0

Статистика правок

Число правок с момента установки Ryzom Wiki 2289
Среднее число правок на страницу 3,58

Статистика по участникам

Зарегистрированные участники 2
Активные участники (список участников) (Участники, совершившие какое-либо действие за последние 30 дней) 1

about users and groups

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