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Atysmas 2020 Audience.png

The Tales of Atysmas Vigil[1] was held on Thermis the 21stof the third cycle of Jena Year 2611 (OOC: December 27, 2020 at 20h00 UTC) in Atysmas Village of the Pond of Dreams (Land Under the Wind), around a campfire, that attracted, like a street lantern in Pyr of insects, lutrykins in large numbers but silent... except one (see below).

The audience, consisting of about forty hominas and homins from all factions and nations, was able to enjoy six remarkable performances that evening, namely :


Below are some lucios shot during the Vigil.

See you in Frutor of the third cycle of Jena Year 2613 for the next Vigil!

  1. Advertised on official and events a few days before.
  2. This petulant homina stubbornly refuses the "title" of Nair!

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