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de:Was das Licht sagt en:What the light says fr:Ce que dit la lumière
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Acridiel, 2021-02-18)

Atysmas 2020 Lylanea.png

“Thank you, homins. I am very happy I can spend this evening with you.”

Lylanea holds a amber bowl in her hands.
“First of all, I would like to ask you to help me a bit. I gave each of you a small amber bowl at the beginning of the evening. In each bowl is a small candle not yet lit. I ask you now, homins, to light these candles in order. I will start with mine, and then each of you will light the candle of the homin sitting to your left, so that the light travels among us, from one homin to another.”
Lylanea first lights her own light, then leans forward to turn on Chenli's light. The bowl shines from the soft golden light that burns inside.
Lylanea then stands in front of the audience and begins to speak in a soft voice:

While cold seizes the woods,
While frost sets the fields to sparkling,
While the snow covers the whole country,
Hold this light in your hands.

This light, it shall remind you of the journey out of darkness,
Of coming home to new lands, of the moment when the great exile came to an end,
When four peoples fromerly locked in eternal war, united found victory.
In the depths, each working for the good of the other.

Time was long and dark underneath,
And almost lost, all hope of freedom.
But there is one thing that homins never lost:
The memory of sunlight's warmth.

This light, it shall remind you of the journey out of darkness,
Of the return into sunlight,
In new lands,
Where fear of the enemy has found its end.

Today we are united against the common foe,
In our native country,
United against the Kitins.

They cannot chase us away again, as long as we carry this light in front of us.

This performance was given by Lylanea, during the Tales of Atysmas 2611 (OOC : Christmas 2020) Vigil.