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Personal Amber
Lylanea Vicciona
Lylanea avatar.jpg
Bard of the Four Lands
Race Matis
Gender Female
Nation None
Organization Rangers
Worship None
Faction Rangers
Guild The Free Soul
Rank High Officer
Birth Unknown
Death Alive
Mother Lydina
Father Niccio

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This is the story of Lylanea Vicciona. Humble servant to all Homins, Bard of the Four Lands, Warrior Poet and blabbermouth extraordinaire.


Lylanea was born with her twin sister Lynda on an island off the coast of the Old Kingdom. Her parents and other refugees had sought shelter there as the Kitin destroyed the old lands. They were not among those who were sent to the prime roots by the mystical rainbow-bridges. But maybe it was better that way. The island was peaceful and was never bothered by the Kitin.
Early on, Lyl, as she was called, showed a talent for music and singing. Her sister was more concerned with frolicking and wrestling with boys.
Later, it was Lyn who hung out with other young folks in town, while Lyl buried her nose in books.
When the two of them had grown up to be young women, they asked their parents, mainly on Lynda's effort, to be allowed to accompany a group of rangers into the new lands.
With heavy hearts the parents agreed. They were simple farmers, but they could not refuse anything to their two precious flowers.

First steps in the New Lands

So the sisters came to the small island which served the Matis as a reception camp. In the tiny base of Borea they took their first steps out of the safe, known world and met their first Kipees. The sisters both tried to increase their knowledge, but Lyl devoted herself to magic and Lyn continued to indulge in martial arts.

When the twins finally arrived in Yrkanis, they met their first Zorai there of all places. Lyn immediately started flirting with the tall, blue-skinned, well-built homin, Lyl played the game for a moment out of pure insecurity, but was soon distracted and overwhelmed by the beauty of the city of Yrkanis, and began to explore it.
She met some friendly homins, mainly an Matis called Waya, who helped them both to get a foothold in the newly created society and whose guild they later joined.(Anbu Force)
Together they learned a lot and soon their first big adventure was on the horizon. A joint exploration of the Verdant Hights and an attempt to find their way into the mysterious Burning Desert, which they had heard so much about. Together with a large number of other Homins they set out and after a very strenuous journey, for the not yet very powerful Homins at that time, they reached the capital of the Fyros, Pyr.

Lyl was deeply impressed by the architectural masterpiece of the Fyros and later spent much time in the city's bathhouse and wandered through the alleys of the metropolis.
The other countries were also explored and the Lake-Lands reminded both of their homeland.
They made Lynda homesick and soon the young woman decided to return home. She did not want to leave her parents alone on the farm, she needed to help and protect them. Lyl had a bad conscience, but she had learned to love the new lands and decided to stay. She began to follow the path of a priestess of Jena and initially was very loyal to the goddess.
The farewell from her sister was tearful and hard, but in the end it was the best.

Lylanea in Great Yrkanis green house, picture by Altamira

The times, they are a'changing

Soon after, Lyls first direct impression of the hatred that religion could stir up in Homins presented itself. She and some guild friends attended the signing of the Treaty of the Four Lands. The ceremony was dignified and beautiful, when suddenly, within a few feet of them Still Wyler, the governor of the Tryker Federation, was shot in cold blood by an apostate Zorai.

Some time after that Lylanea had her first encounter with a swarm of the Kitin. Of course she had fought against the disgusting insects together with her guild-siblings before. But the sudden swarming of the beasts surprised most Homins of the Four Lands. When the separate kingdoms made the first attempt to build defenses and bases in the outer regions of their dominions, the beasts seemed to be provoked. Within a few days, the cities were surrounded by huge numbers of the giant insects and the countryside was crawling with them. A siege which the experienced Homins could hold back only with great difficulty. She herself was not yet able to contribute much to the building of the bases or to the defense of Yrkanis, but she recognized at that time that the Homins could only survive against this immense threat if they worked together.

During these troubled times, her first guild fell victim to an internal disagreement and was disbanded. She joined the newly minted "Illuminati Jenae" for some time. Where she initially found good company. But after a relatively short time she left this guild again. The compulsion to have to fight friends, in order to take possession of a newly established outpost for her guild was abhorrent to her.

With her cousin Nuvad and his friend Thy, who had arrived at Yrkanis City a while earlier, she founded the "Argo Navis". A small community centered around the old Matis Mystic Vessus Vega, who guided them spiritually. Lylanea never quite trusted the old man, but many others followed him devotedly. Nuvad, Pippa, Xandra, Fyl A’Reon, Eta, Thy, Taniqa, Yachalis, Tei-Jeng, Druis, Yuuzuki and later also Salazar. Who became the last guardian of the guild house and always held the guilds name in honor.

Eventually, brutal marauders began to plague the lands and after some short skirmishes and mysterious incidents around a Fyra named Mezix and Alyia Ashenstorm, the first big attack of the clans on the new lands took place. Nuvad, Thy, Salazar and Lyl were surprised by them on a winter evening at the border of the Fleeting Gardens and could only escape with great difficulty.

Lylanea, who by now had become somewhat more powerful, nevertheless stayed out of that conflict as best she could, merely reporting and writing down her observations. She rarely had to defend herself or others, and she admired the Zorai Sorenal, the great general, for his ability to effectively lead the amassed guilds to victory over the invaders.
But he too was later disappointed by the growing belligerence of the guilds and left the New Lands embittered.
Lylanea tried to bring a traitorous Matis to justice, who collaborated with the marauders, but failed in her attempt.
The expansion of the outpost conflicts into true wars of faith and later fierce battles for resources to build the coveted temples. The resulting obligation to fight against Homins who had become dear to her, could not be reconciled with Lyl's conscience and so her journey with the Argo Navis came to an end.
She decided to go her own way. At that time she also got to know the Tryker Chanchey Breggan, who became a close friend.

Walking Alone

The strict, clerical path of Jenas faithful had proven to be too narrow and warlike for her. Her exuberant creativity was limited and her musical talents fell asleep.
From then on she called herself "Anima Jenae", the voice of Jena, to sing praise songs to the goddess and to provide entertainment to the Homins.
For a long time she managed to stay out of the conflicts of religions and peoples and roamed the Four Lands, singing and making music here and there at weddings or other occasions. In the meantime she trained her other skills from time to time, but they were never really important to her.
She fought in the defense of Pyr against a swarm of Kitin that broke through the bark of the burning desert and faced her first swarm leaders. Thanks to the courage and steadfastness of the Homins, who fought the beasts together, victory was again won in those days.

Some time later, a new, young Kitin swarm appeared in the 4 Lands, which, according to scholars, had split off from an old swarm somewhere in the vastness of Atys and was now looking for a new home. It would later settle down in the Almati Forest.
In these days she was given the honor to fight personally against this swarm at the side of King Yrkanis.
Back to back with the karan she looked death in the eye. They mutually preserved each other's lives and his majesty praised her after the fight, which was highly unexpected. Together with some envoys of the Karavan and many other Homins she explored the new nest and here Lyl met Rangers again, for the first time after her stay in the refugee camp of the Matis. The unrestrained will of these Homins to protect the people of Atys from the Kitin and themselves, making no distinction between Homins, no matter what race or religion they belonged to, impressed her deeply.

Lyl often went alone or with friends to the Almati Forest, to talk to the rangers and explore the Kitin Nest. She strangely enjoyed risking her life to learn more about the beasts. She was quite content.

As she was sitting in Fairhaven's first bar one beautiful summer day, working on a new song, a messenger from the Matis Royal Court approached her and delivered a message that would turn her life upside down.
Lylanea had been summoned to Her Majesty's court. Karae Lea Lenardi, Queen of the Matis, raised the humble Bard to nobility. Her reputation as a Songsmith had reached the ears of the Matis Royal Court as a few weeks prior she had been allowed to enrich a royal ball with her arts.
The Karae was very fond of her music and entrusted Lylanea with preserving the culture of the Matis ordering her to work closely with the Royal Academy.
At first, she could hardly believe her luck and was very enthusiastic about her work. She composed hymns of praise to the warriors of the new lands, but critical, thoughtful lyrics too flowed from her pen. She wrote prayers to Jena, to whom she was still devoted, at least as Matis. Together with Salazar Caradini, her old friend from Argo Navi's days, she participated in council meetings and tried to repair the fragile relations between the peoples by diplomatic means.
But soon she realized that this was as much an unsolvable task as capturing all the Yubos of Matia. Many other nobles and guild diplomats from other lands had only had the advantage of their respective kingdom in mind, which was equal to that of their guilds. Those guilds that called Matia their home, mostly just tried to increase their own influence on outposts and thus wealth. They stirred up war and discord between the peoples. The pact that Still Wyler had paid for with his blood was forgotten.
Karavan and Kami were in no way superior to the Homins and committed themselves to regard each other in either indifference or clear tirades of hatred. She was especially shocked by the words of a Zorai sage, who spoke with hatred against the Karavan, the Matis and Tryker and even found few good hairs on the Fyros. Karan Yrkanis and Karae Lea of the Matis tried to get the situation under control. On their orders Lylanea, together with some other Homins, managed to smuggle the young prince Stevano secretly through the primeval roots to Pyr. Already on the way there the young prince proved to be extremely arrogant. His un-diplomatic remarks to His Highness, Emperor Dexton eventually led the countries to the brink of open warfare.

Disillusioned and full of anger, Lylanea finally withdrew from the new lands. She sold and gave away all her belongings and finally joined the Rangers who were searching for more refugees on the bark. During this time she fell in love with the ranger Vencci Chiviadi and from this love arose their daughter, Tauri.

A few months ago she returned to see how things are going in the countries she still loves.

The Present

Lylanea and Wixarika, picture by Lylanea/Acridiel

In the time that she had been away a lot had happened.

Lyl learned that King Yrkanis had disappeared and Queen Lea had died of a broken heart some time after that. The loss of Karae Lea hurt Lylanea very much. She wrote a dirge for her beloved Queen.
Now former Prince Stevano, together with his wife Filia Tamiela, rules over the Matis people, as Karan Stevano and Karin Tamiela.

Emperor Dexton of Fyros fell victim to poisoning and his only son Lycos now rules the desert. Due to a cruel incident, the diplomatic relations between the Matis and Fyros are extremely tense.
Lyl also came to know the some of the new members of the Matisan nobility, council and court and found that most of these Homins were as stubborn and short-sighted as their predecessors.

However, she also came to know more pleasant Homins.
The Bai Nhori Drakani, the guild "Black Dragon Guard", based in New Trykoth, became her good friends and supporters of her arts.
After a bit of cajoling and persuading from her side, Chanchey offered her to join his guild, the "Free Soul", which she accepted with great joy. She has found more great friends there. Some old and some new.
Recently she brought her daughter Tauri from Silan to Yrkanis and started to accompany her on her first forays into the new lands.

Shortly afterwards, the lovely Fyra Wixarika of the Drakani confessed to Lylanea that she harbored deep feelings for her. At first Lyl was insecure and a bit scared, because she had been alone for so long. In addition she is quite a bit older than the Fyra. But the honest, enthusiastic, open and above all loving nature of ‘Rika finally opened her heart to the avances of the pretty and firece warrior.
They are a couple now. Which surprises some Homins very much, which in turn doesn't bother both of them.
Tauri accepts this, because her parents were never married anyway and her father is roaming the wilderness of Atys again to find refugees.
Lylanea is happy, even though the new countries are still far away from a peaceful future.

To be continued ...

Work in the geographical society

Investigation in the Tunnel of Woe, a report of an expedition of Rangers following their discovery of what seemed a map to them.

Literature and art

Short poems

Lylanea in her usual attire, picture by Lylanea/Acridiel


Matia is Matia
Spring breathes in
Summer is a warm, tender kiss
Autumn breathes out
Winter is a soft, cool hand
touching a beloved face
Matia is Matia

New Trykoth

Without water, there is no life.
Without freedom, there is no life.
Aeden Aqueus - overflows with life.

Trykers share everything.
They share their power.
They share their courage.
They share your possessions.
They share the winds power.
They share their minds willingly.
No two Homins share an opinion on them.
But they'll give everything for you if you're their friend.

The Witherings

Light is a source of life.
And a symbol of hope.
Zorai is full of light.
Even at night, light is everywhere.
We're all just lights.
who confront the growing darkness of despair.
All I wish for us, the homin races.
is to be as strong as the lights of Zoari.
So that even in the darkness.
Our souls may shine.
And nothing may darken our paths.
That our lights may remain forever.
To guide us through the deep night.
Zorai is full of light.

The Burning Desert

Burning hot sand - beneath my feet.
Above my head - burning hot sun.
Burning hot air - within my lungs.
Within my veins - burning hot sap.
Burning hot faith - within my heart.
I am Fyros.

Atys' Lullaby

A song for children and grown homins alike.

Where there is darkness, there is always light.
Night now gathers around the four countries.
At first you cannot see your hand in front of your eyes.
But soon Mother Atys shows her power.
Can you see her lights?
How bright they stand over the bark.
How they shine, like sparks from embers.
So do not be afraid and take courage.
Do not be afraid of the dragon.
You will awaken in the morning.
And when you rub the sleep from your eyes
Atys did give you a gift.
No matter what you do during the day,
Her light protected you, all night long.


Lily of Matia

A dirge for the late Karae Lea Lenardi.

Flame Of The Desert

A song for a special someone.

Will you accompany me?

A song written for the wedding of Liosta and Copal.

I'm no good at writing love songs

Another song written for the wedding of Liosta and Copal.

As Night Falls

A Song for the Rangers.

Rangers March

Another song for the Rangers.

Have you seen us fight

A song for all Homins.

An Ode To Your Feet

A funny Tryker song I learned a long time ago from a Tryker bard.

There is an external archive with poetry.

Tales of War:

These events, like so many others in my records took place a long time ago and I can not vouche for all the information therein to be absolutely accurate, but back then I kept my records diligently.
So I hope that you will find this usefull, or at least entertaining.

The Prime Roots War

Memoirs on an ancient war against kitins.

The Surface War

Other memoirs on an ancient war against kitins.

The Hunt For A Ghost

My experience hunting a dangerous criminal in Fyros.

The short war for the Hidden Source

A Record of one of the first battles against the Marauders, in New Matia.

The Fall Of Old Matia

A survivors tale of the last night of the old Forest-Kingom.

Tales of the Lands

Old stories of my travels as a young homin trougout the New Lands and some more recent works.

A Tale of the Desert

A life changing encounter with one of the Fyros' Bandit gangs, a long time ago.

The Sentinels Of Pyr

A tale of true bravery, I once discovered in the archives of Pyr.

What the light says

A poem said and played during the Tales of Atysmas 2611 vigil.

Wayfarers' Guide to Matia

A guide for travellers in the the Matis Kigdom.

The Lost Alchemist

A report of the search for a Fyros alchemist lost in Aeden Aqueous.

Hush - Part 1

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Hush - Part 2

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