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There is not really language ranger, but the mixture of the four nations led them to create common terms. In general, the Rangers chatter in their language and often include the languages of the different nations. Some of them are famous translators who travel bark praising their services for modest trade in barrels of beer (preferably Tryker) and cookies (preferably termite).

On the other hand, the fact of living constantly on the lookout for Kitins and sneaking around under the bark to discreetly observe their lifestyle has led the Rangers to use many onomatopoeic both to be stealthy and fast in roots or nature.

The Rangers have been very influenced by the Matis culture, probably because Almati, mateis also served as phonetic basis for their language. Language store has the peculiarity that it is very short, especially in mission. The words are short, usually monosyllabic.

Some common words

Here are the words that we use every day in Almati's Wood :

* kwkw = hello
* k = I agree, ok
* oups = shorthand for saying: "I'm really sorry to have disturbed, please accept my apologies"
*  pf (but very often "pfffffff") = depending on the context:
   1. deflated!
   2. deflating :)
   3. spits out sawdust stuck in the teeth (says when one has bitten the sawdust).
* ro (or roooo) = expresses disappointment. And sometime, surprise too ;)
* ts (or tssss) = small call to order.
* Nutela = Tunnel Rangers to move under the bark. Seems to be included in all dialects of Atys. And
* kisu = Kiss that give themselves the Rangers.
* Woren Siloy: (after Woha, Oren Pyr, Deles Silam, Lordoy ) Hello, good morning ,good afternoon, good evening, good night, good bye

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original word other languages and dialects of the same Atys (very) distant




Traduction from Craftjenn (talk), Ranger du Cercle du Bois d'Almati.

21:52, 10 June 2016 (CEST)