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Refounding assembly of the N'ASA

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Notes: (Nilstilar, 2024-05-08)

15h - Quarta, Floris 10, 3rd AC 2628

Salazar bows respectfully. Ostium waves to Nilstilar.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: I'm also part of the FISHES center.
Nilstilar bows respectfully.
β€” Zorroargh: Please, take a seat at my side.
Canillia curtsies to Nilstilar. Asuratva bows to Nilstilar.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: As a specialist in magic.
Eolinius bows to Nilstilar.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Thank you very much, Nair.
β€” Zorroargh: Great!
Canillia waves to Salazar. Canillia curtsies to Salazar. Chenli bows respectfully. Ostium sets down a barrel. Salazar bows to Canillia and then to Nilstilar. Eolinius waves to Chenli. Nilstilar curtsies to Salazar and then to Canillia. Asuratva waves to Zamoor. Salazar waves to Eolinius.
β€” Zorroargh, speaking in common so as to be understood by all: Hello dear friends.
Zorroargh catches his breath and takes off...
β€” Nilstilar encourages Zorroargh: Go Zorroargh!
β€” Zorroargh: A long time ago, a small group of researchers created the Academy of Sciences of Atys, known by the acronym ASA.
β€” Vortexselly: Good evening!
β€” Zorroargh: These researchers came from all walks of life and studied everything that enabled them to understand the life of homins, their existence in this world and this world itself.
Nilstilar waves to Vortexselly. Vortexselly curtsies to Nilstilar.
β€” Zorroargh: They were trying, for example, to understand the kitins to avoid new invasions, or how the Goo works to avoid the destruction of the Witherings and the spread of contagion as in the Darkmoor Border.
Ba-Ben Len listens attentively.
β€” Zorroargh: By the way, my dear colleague, you can take a seat.
Ba-Ben Len sits down at Zo'ro's request.
β€” Zorroargh: To understand, it was often necessary to identify the planet's resources, such as plants.
β€” Azazor laughs: You feel small next to Ba-Ben, Zorro?
Ba-Ben Len smiles behind his mask.
β€” Zorroargh: We also had to try and retrace the history of hominity to understand its origins and characteristics... And even his sense of humor.
Nilstilar wawes to Azazor.
β€” Zorroargh: That's how these researchers became interested in flyners and their use to fly through the air.
Ostium smiles. Kyriann winks at Ostium.
β€” Zorroargh suddenly looks distressed: But then came the second wave of kitins. Almost all ASA members perished. Gradually, however, the ASA was reborn and renamed N'ASA, the New ASA. catches back his breath Time passed, and the N'ASA was running out of breath. But why? That, too, is one of the questions a researcher might ask. You see, my friend Ostium, how "why" can arise? I think I have some ideas on the subject.
Ostium nods, smiling at Zorroargh.
β€” Zorroargh: I'll also propose some solutions to make the N'ASA more efficient and attractive.
Ba-Ben Len also has ideas. Nilstilar waves to Krill.
β€” Zorroargh: I'll submit these ideas to you for discussion.
Canillia listens, observing the people around.
β€” Zorroargh: Because everything a researcher understands, as we understand it in the N'ASA, is like a piece of a puzzle whose limits we don't know. These pieces are not the puzzle. But one thing is certain: we are all, absolutely all, capable of finding pieces of this infinite puzzle. And we need to put these pieces together to understand our universe even better.
Ostium nods again.
β€” Zorroargh: It allows us to enjoy it more, and therefore to improve our zest for life. We mustn't reduce science to specialization in a very specific field that is inaccessible to others. Science is nothing if it doesn't enrich mankind's knowledge to acquire ever greater wisdom. And that's why the new N'ASA must include a college of literary homins, scientists and artists at its head.
Lorlyn is at a loss and finds it far too complicated for her.
β€” Azazor: Lorlyn, you've got a chance, he said artists are needed.
β€” Zorroargh casts a knowing glance at several of his present friends: Their mission will be to ensure the smooth running of the N'ASA as an Academy of science, knowledge and wisdom accessible to all.
β€” Lorlyn stares at Azazor: Huh? Am I an artist?
β€” Kyriann: A brewing artist.
β€” Azazor: Yes, an inventor too.
β€” Lorlyn: Ooooooh! That's true! Hihi!
β€” Imotep tries to launch an ola: Everyone now!
β€” Azazor: You're always coming up with new craps to say.
β€” Lorlyn protests: Hey, that's nasty of you Aza! cries.
β€” Zorroargh: Shhh Azazor... To this end, they will publish or have published their works in the Great Library of Atys.
β€” Kyriann murmurs: Zazor! Your language!
β€” Azazor mutters: She's the one who shouts and I'm the one who gets the shush...
β€” Zorroargh: We all have our piece of the puzzle deep inside us, Lorlyn. Don't doubt.
β€” Azazor: Yes, Lorlyn, science advances through mistakes.
Ba-Ben Len nods her mask. Zamoor thinks he's lost several pieces of the puzzle.
β€” Lorlynis confused: Er... Yes...?
β€” Zorroargh: Well, I'm back to working out our college.
β€” Eolinius, very low: So, some are really good at science.
β€” Zorroargh: This college will therefore be made up of at least one citizen from each nation.
β€” Lorlyn: What's a college?
β€” Ostium, low to Lorlyn: It's like a small group of homins who organize for others.
β€” Eolinius to Zorroargh: A citizen?
β€” Lorlyn shouts to Eolinius: Oooh! All right!
β€” Zorroargh: Merci Ostium. Tu m'as devancΓ© sourit Thank you, Ostium. You've beaten me to it smiles But it's desirable that there should be representatives of the different dialects of Atys ((IRL language DE,EN,ES,FR,RU)) and even representatives of the powers or factions.
β€” Vortexselly: Citizen of what?
β€” Azazor: A Marauder too?
Kyriann grimaces a little.
β€” Zorroargh: Yes Azazor !
Nilstilar nods.
β€” Azazor: That's the spirit!
β€” Vortexselly: I didn't quite follow... from whom from what?
β€” Zorroargh: There, too, must always be at least a third hominas and a third homins, the rest being left to chance.
Eolinius smiles, thinking of the kingdom's subjects defining themselves as citizens.
β€” Kyrean tries to launch an ola: Everyone now!
β€” Kyriann scratches her head: If it's not homins or hominas, what's the last third...? Do we have a third sex?
Nilstilar nods to Kyrean. Salazar purses his lips.
β€” Zorroargh: I'll give a clear example. Imagine a group of five people.
β€” Eolinius tapping Kyriann on the head: And what about inclusion?!
Kyrean concentrates, sticking out his tongue. Kyriann laughs.
β€” Zorroargh: If we say "half/half" we'd need 2.5 hominas and 2.5 homins. Since that's impossible, we'd have two hominas, two homins and a fifth member...?
β€” Azazor grins at the Alkianes: I suggest we cut the Matis in half.
β€” Vortexselly: So we'd have to cut a homina or homin in half?
β€” Chancy: Ehhhh! Science recognizes that there are more than two sexes. smiles.
β€” Zorroargh: Bravo Azazor !
β€” Vortexselly: It's not a complete figure.
Chancy goes hiding in a corner.
β€” Zorroargh: Now let's solve the question as I suggest.
Nilstilar taps his finger on his forehead while staring at Legionnaire Azazor. Ba-Ben Len is a little desperate.
β€” Zorroargh: One third of five is less than two. We agree.
Kyriann counts on his fingers and nods.
β€” Zorroargh: But they say you need at least a third of hominas, so there has to be at least two of them. The same goes for homins.
Lorlyn doesn't understand much but can count very well.
β€” Zorroargh: So we would have determined four people in the group. And then the fifth will be, at random, a homin or a homine.
β€” Lorlyn: Can't we take six persons instead?
β€” Zorroargh: It all depends on the role of a group.
β€” Chancy: Bravo Lorlyn !
β€” Kyriann: Or remove one...
β€” Lorlyn, proud: Hihi !
β€” Eolinius: Uh...
β€” Kyriann: There'll be one to do double the work.
β€” Zorroargh: Why try to create rigid situations that may not lead to good results?
β€” Chancy, completing Kyriann: ... while others are picking flowers.
β€” Kyriann smiles broadly: It's just to annoy you, Zorro!
Nilstilar begins to doze under the arithmetics.
β€” Zorroargh encourages Krill: Go for it, Krill!
β€” Ostium: In that case, we have a rule that can be applied to all numbers.
β€” Kyriann: Your solution is very good.
β€” Eolinius smiles: If the council has to vote by majority, an even number can create problems.
Kyrean, listening to the conversation, wonders where the group of shadoks is hiding.
β€” Zorroargh: That's it! Ostium and Kyriann have understood.
β€” Lorlyn: Ooooh, but it's true, Eo!
Salazar figures that even so, there could be trouble... if one of the members abstains.
β€” Zorroargh: In addition to this problem of representativeness, I've noticed how sometimes everyone can be overwhelmed with tasks, such as boiling the pot. Not to mention the little ailments that affect us all, for which neither the Kamis nor the Karavan offer any remedy.
Kyriann nods. Eolinius coughs and looks at his bottle of milk.
β€” Zorroargh: I've also imagined that our meetings could be held here once every 20 months ((i.e. every month IRL)). As far as possible, we'll schedule missions for the various teams of specialists.
Azazor raises his hand to look civilized.
β€” Zorroargh: These activities could be carried out using new means of communication for those who can't get around at scheduled time. (Later, Azazor: I've nearly finished my introduction!) We could use izam, but also other methods, such as the flyner or amber, which can be used to make contact with distant places like the Rangers' channels. glances at Ba-Ben Maybe the Marauders could share their techniques with us too. The fields of investigation and creativity are gigantic.
Ba-Ben Len listens and takes notes.
β€” Zorroargh: Of all the friends and researchers who have joined us to enrich our discussions, projects and missions, I suggest as an initial college:
Fyros > Zamoor and Ulymorus, Matis > Nilstilar and Lylanea, Tryker > Ostium and Kyriann, ZoraΓ― > Elke and… turns to Ba-Ben Len Would you be willing to complete the Zorai pairing? Even temporarily?
β€” Eolinius raises his hand: Elke, does she represent the marauders?
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Um... I'm a Tryker citizen... But I was born a Zorai, so maybe I can do it.
Azazor keeps his hand up, it helps to strengthen the muscles.
β€” Eolinius: Sorry, that was a joke.
β€” Kyriann shakes her head: That's right, Zorro, there are no marauders.
β€” Zorroargh: Elke warned me that she'd probably have trouble coming tonight. Which confirms my hypothesis. Remember: it's not always possible for all members to be present together in the same place.
β€” Vortexselly: So who does the rest?
β€” Nilstilar: Maybe Lord Azazor can suggest a name for the Marauders?
β€” Zorroargh: So we need to find new ways of working at a distance and slightly spread out over time.
Ostium raises his hand, but tells Zorroargh that Azazor has asked first.
β€” Vortexselly: A subsitute?
Azazor thinks to himself that discipline isn't quite there yet, even among the Rangers. Eolinius laughs out loud.
β€” Vortexselly: A replacement?
β€” Zorroargh: Azazor, do you want to be Marauder representative?
Kyriann almost chokes. Salazar smiles slightly.
β€” Azazor: No, but I'd like to come back to two points. If you don't mind.
β€” Zorroargh: Then let me finish. I won't be long. I promise, I swear. puts his parchment away with a sigh.
Azazor gasps but nods.
β€” Zorroargh thanks the assembly: I now propose to step back, to leave the field clear for you. But I will always be at your side to serve as moderator or to share my experiences. I remain the founding member of the N'ASA at your service. I leave the floor to you, the renovators of the N'ASA.
β€” Azazor: Akep Zorro.
Ostium applauds Zorroargh for all he has done
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Grytt Nair.
Nilstilar casts a worried glance at Zorroargh. Kyriann applauds Zorroargh loudly.
β€” Nilstilar: Thank you Nair Zorroargh.
β€” Ostiumstands up: So, the floor is ours?
Zamoor shares Nilstilar's concern.
β€” Zorroargh: Yes, go ahead!
Ostium is grateful to Zorroargh.
β€” Azazor glares at Ostium: Hmm hmm!
Kyriann recognizes the patience of Fyros.
β€” Ostium: I have a lot to say, and I'll say it, but first I'd like to hear what Nair Azazor has to say.
β€” Azazor: Ah, still!
Ostium wawes to Azazor.
β€” Nilstilar: I think our "godfather" should entrust the talking stick to one of us first, don't you?
Zorroargh nods in agreement with this good Fyros behavior.
β€” Ostium to Azazor: Move to the middle, so everyone can hear you clearly.
β€” Azazor: Don't worry, I could be heard all the way to the Marauder Citadel if I wanted to.
Kyriann of that is convinced.
β€” Azazor: Two points then. First...
Nilstilar smiles. Canillia smiles, amused.
β€” Azazor: At the rate science is progressing, which is to say slowly, aren't you afraid, Zorro, that we won't have anything to say to each other if it's every 20 months? A physical meeting every two years of Jena (that's about 5 months IRL), that's not so bad.
Kyriann pretty much agrees.
β€” Azazor: Anyway, maybe increase the time between each meeting. Second point, concerning what you call "representative college"...
β€” Kyriann: And we can always call an extraordinary meeting if there's a breakthrough in some research.
β€” Zorroargh: It's up to you. As I said, I've put together the first pieces of the puzzle to rebirth the N'ASA. But I'm leaving you in charge.
β€” Azazor: I haven't finished Kyriann, the first point is a detail. It's mainly the second point that's wrong
Kyriann silences. Ostium listens patiently.
β€” Azazor: What you call a "representative college", I think it's too complex. Why limit N'ASA representatives to people who aren't even elected, and if they were, by whom?
Zamoor bows to Salazar.
β€” Zorroargh: The college of representatives is, as with any college, the body that decides on the management of the association.
β€” Azazor: But who chooses its members? You? This assembly here? What about those who aren't here?
Tahlaprima tilts his head to one side, before shyly raising a hand.
β€” Zorroargh: I named the first members I knew and trusted to create the college that would satisfy everyone.
β€” Azazor: I find the idea of consensus more interesting than calling for a vote.
β€” Zorroargh: I couldn't agree with you more, Azazor.
β€” Ostium: Aren't you confusing two things here, Azazor?
β€” Azazor: Or maybe I did not understand everything.
β€” Ostium: The organization and the research itself?
β€” Zorroargh: Explain us what you've understood, Ostium.
β€” Azazor: No, I'm talking about consensus in the organization's choices.
β€” Ostium: I believe that the choices proposed (emphasis on "proposed") were so because those mentioned have already shown that they have done things for science.
β€” Zorroargh: And don't forget the N'ASA's relationship with the Great Library of Atys.
β€” Ostium: This list is also something that can be debated.
Nilstilar can't remember ever having worked for science...
β€” Ostium: And to begin with, the people quoted are free to refuse the proposal. to Nilstilar (For science or art). Unfortunately, we can't consider absentees, otherwise we won't make it.
β€” Kyriann: Hominian science.
β€” Zorroargh: Of course. I've chosen people I know very well, precisely because they're great ambassadors.
β€” Nilstilar to Ostium: And the college meetings would become performances? Or advertisements? smiles.
β€” Ostium has a slight laugh: Something alive!
β€” Azazor: Ostium, aren't you afraid of the meetings where the "elected" will be absent and the votes will be taken by three peeled and one shorn? I do.
Tahlaprima keeps his hand raised, smiling.
β€” Ostium: What votes are you talking about, Azazor?
β€” Azazor: About organization.
β€” Zorroargh: Let's take the case of Nair Nilstilar. He's not a scientist. Nevertheless, he is the one who enriched the Great Library with the botanical sciences of the Matis.
β€” Azazor: Or define what these "chosen ones" are to do? What's their role?
β€” Ostium: The idea is to share advances or pieces of art. The others can verify the scientific results obtained, or give their appreciation.
β€” Nilstilar, laughing: A catalog, Nair Zorro, just a catalog!
Krill wonders if we couldn't start from the ground up, with the objectives of the N'ASA, its members and their activities, and leave the paperwork to whoever wants it. Zorroargh winks. Krill decides she's not concerned and pulls out a new byrh. Nilstilar smiles at Krill.
β€” Ostium: The college could simply centralize the research and publish it in the Great Library.
β€” Zorroargh: You see, the Tryker candidates would be very numerous. And I didn't want to frustrate the other nations.
β€” Azazor: Ah OK. These people will be in charge of organizing the library? Archivists then?
Eolinius waves to Craftjenn.
β€” Zorroargh: Then I could have suggested Rangers, like Krill. But I didn't want to favor my guild...
β€” Ostium: We'll save these organizational questions for later. I'd like to talk to you about the old N'ASA. It'll be a bit more concrete.
Kyriann raises his hand to speak after Tahlaprima. Tahlaprima nods and lowers his hand.
β€” Zorroargh: Thank you, Ostium.
β€” Nilstilar low to Canillia: Is your research on poisons sharable, Serae NindΓ«n?
β€” Krill looks horrified: Ah an! I'm not volunteering for anything! Deal with the paperwork!
β€” Ostium sees the hands raised: Sorry. Tahlaprima?
Argentino presents a show at Forcio Pani.
β€” Tahlaprima: Ahem... I may have an idea but that's for after, you first. This is more important.
Argentino tells Ostium to be serious.
β€” Ostium: Okal... Uh, in common language, okay. Ny-Kyriann?
β€” Eolinius hands Craftjenn his bottle of milk: Here, we could really use some...
Zorroargh and Nilstilar wave to Craftjenn.
β€” Kyriann: I wanted to know if there was any point in parity or a fair distribution of nations. The important thing is to get the job done... So why bother with representativeness.
β€” Azazor: Yep, if it's an archivist's job, I don't see the point either.
β€” Tahlaprima: My idea concerns this point... but I prefer to let designates Ostium with chin express himself.
β€” Ostium scratches his chin: Um, Nair zorroargh, I'm going to talk about the Rangers. Tell me if I'm wrong.
β€” Zorroargh: Go ahead.
β€” Ostium: I think it's important, just as the Rangers live off the contributions of all nations. Everyone participates, and everyone benefits.
β€” Ostium to all: Do you think we should keep this imperative?
Tahlaprima nods no.
β€” Kyriann: I agree that everyone should take part. But to try and keep an artificial parity seems a bit exaggerated to me.
Zorroargh smiles.
β€” Ostium: I'm afraid that if one nation has too much of a presence, it will influence the fields of research, and even the results.
β€” Azazor: We're talking about archiving, not search domains.
Salazar silently approves Ostium.
β€” Tahlaprima: With your permission, looking at Ostium may I intervene so that this matter can be, I hope, resolved?
Ostium beckons to Tahlaprima. Tahlaprima nods politely.
β€” Nilstilar: What would be nice would be a sort of "Babel Prize" to reward anyone, from any nation, who has advanced science or the arts.
β€” Tahlaprima:The present concern is balance.
Nilstilar silences, ashamed.
β€” Tahlaprima: Nation, homin, homine, it doesn't matter... the absent are unfortunately not always wrong.
Tahlaprima winks at Azazor. Nilstilar nods. Zorroargh winks at Nilstilar to show that he likes the idea.
β€” Tahlaprima: I hear that balance is important, but if the absentees don't show up, should we consider them? I don't think so... But we can give them the chance.
Zorroargh raises his hand. Tahlaprima bows her head to signal Zo'ro to speak. Krill sips her byhr and is glad not to have to report on all this.
β€” Zorroargh: That's exactly what I wanted to say too.
β€” Tahlaprima: So... that's where my idea came from. If you don't like it, you're free to say so.
β€” Zorroargh: What killed the N'ASA was availability. But just because a person isn't there at the time doesn't mean they're not involved. That's the case with Elke. She would have liked to be with us, but she couldn't.
β€” Zamoor: What I don't understand is the comparison with the Rangers, and I'm one of them.
Eolinius opens one eye when talking about mixing is a bit loud.
β€” Ostium: Imagine 90% of the participants being... trykers β€”I take my nation voluntarily, so as not to hurt anyone's feelingsβ€” would the research be reliable? And would every possible field be covered?
β€” Zorroargh: I'll leave it to you to find a solution. I personally think that decisions don't have to be made instantly. And that we should keep the possibility of communicating at a distance open.
β€” Ostium: We all know that. Every nation has a specialty in which its specialists are the most recognized of Atys.
Tahlaprima nods to Ostium's words. Zorroargh sits back to let Ostium continue to enlighten future members.
β€” Tahlaprima: The idea I had was simply to give absentees a chance, by giving them time to signal their interest. If parity isn't respected at the end... well, so be it!
Ostium smiles, thinking of an invention not yet perfected. Eolinius knows he won't be working on chai. Ostium nods.
β€” Tahlaprima: That solves the worries of our friends here I think... and it will allow voluntary representation. Nothing excludes those who don't participate, but we need motivated homins and homines for such a project. And that would be a first sorting.
β€” Ostium: Seen like that, I agree.
β€” Tahlaprima smiles at Zo'ro, referring to his list of names given earlier: Or second, rather... sorry.
β€” Ostium: I don't have time to tell you about the flying wing, and I don't want to monopolize attention for too long. It's too much already.
Tahlaprima locates where he has been sitting... and moves to a different spot.
β€” Azazor: Ostium, did you have other things on your mind besides this? Let's get a move on, I saw Krill's eye wriggling.
β€” Ostium: I'll just keep it short about the old N'ASA.
Zorroargh glances at his neighbor to indicate that he has appreciated his intervention. Krill's got a big supply of byrh and hasn't run out yet.
β€” Ostium: I like the ideas I'm going to expose you, and I hope we'll keep them.
Tahlaprima bows his head politely, smiling slightly before nodding, once again attentive to Ostium.
β€” Azazor: Flatter yourself, you big fool!
β€” Ostium: We had four precepts, and four branches of research. The four precepts first. Talum > Truth in the Fyros language, Nirila > Reflection in the Matis language, Tseu > Wisdom in the ZoraΓ― language and Sella > Sharing in the Tryker language.
β€” Azazor: Byrh, in tryll?
Zorroargh feels tears welling up in his eyes.
β€” Ostium: And the four branches of research: Kitins, Goo, Atys, and Homins.
β€” Lorlyn waves her byrh and shouts: Lordreen!
Zamoor looks for the place where the liquor or beer is hidden.
β€” Azazor, mocking: The fyros have the truth, the matis ponder it and get the zorai wisdom which they hasten to share.
β€” Ostium: I'll leave it to you to decide whether to keep them. returns to seat.
β€” Kyriann: Hmm... But we're not going to change everything!
Zorroargh nods in gratitude to Ostium.
β€” Kyriann: The precepts are very good.
β€” Azazor, more seriously: What domain do we put the magic in?
Zamoor raises his hand.
β€” Tahlaprima: Wisdom?
β€” Azazor: And powers?
β€” Azazor to Tahlaprima: At the level of research fields.
β€” Tahlaprima: Ah... my mistake.
Eolinius agrees with Azazor for once.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Magic is in the domain of homins. And powers are inseparable from Atys.
β€” Zorroargh murmurs to his neighbor: No one could say it better than you, dear fellow researcher.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Incidentally, I'd like to tell you that there are areas that are still, truly, to be explored.
Zorroargh is happy to hear her speak.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: And we're ready to lend a hand with your experiments.
β€” Tahlaprima points to Zamoor on his left: I think he's waiting for your permission...
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Were there any questions?
β€” Zamoor: How does the "Atys" branch differ from the other three branches, which are all immersed in it?
β€” Ba-Ben Len: The study of Atys is very general, of course.
β€” Zamoor: If no Atys, then no Goo, no Kitins, no homins.
β€” Azazor: Kitins and homins seem a bit apart from the rest of Atys. In terms of blood, Tao Sian has demonstrated this. So it's not stupid to set them apart.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: But in the "Atys" category we can put everything having to do with geography, astronomy, tectonics.
β€” Zorroargh murmurs: ... botany, fauna,
β€” Ba-Ben Len: ... the roots of the Canopy. smiles at her colleague.
β€” Tahlaprima: Atys has a life that is linked to us but lives as if independently of us... We influence her, just as she influences us... Which is surely why the choice was made to separate her into her own category, I imagine...
Eolinius is happy to carry out his research as an amateur, a free-lancer.
β€” Zamoor: A big branch that drifts into many... you have to go back to the philosophy of the time, when magic, science and the arts were intermingled.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Magic is a science in its own right.
β€” Zamoor: It will be a great challenge to split up to study then cement the whole as something that would never have been divided.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Just look at the enormous amount of work Azazor has done on symbology.
β€” Azazor: It's all connected, yes...
β€” Ba-Ben Len: But these categories are a bit artificial and shouldn't limit research.
Azazor is flattered that FISHES members read his stuff.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: They are only useful as a guiding framework.
β€” Zamoor: ((Could the Events Team send us notes on some of the quirky events, like the burnt runner on Halloween? Monsters eating homins?)) So it seems that the precepts and lines of thought remain the same, or am I mistaken?
β€” Ba-Ben Len: I think the precepts that have driven the research so far are good precepts.
Tahlaprima aquiesces.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy suddenly arrives covered in a kind of white paste with a strong odor, shouts: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
β€” Ba-Ben Len: And categories, I repeat, are frameworks, but can be abolished by research...
Zorroargh gasps.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy shouts: I had to run into a fire!
Ba-Ben Len recognizes the mad scientist.
β€” Zorroargh widens his eyes: Tepsen Be'Laroy! It's been so long!
Tepsen Be'Laroy turns around when he hears his name.
β€” Zorroargh: What a pleasure to see you here! How are you? turns to the assembly Let me introduce an illustrious researcher and inventor from my family.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: I'm... fine. We've met before, haven't we? Wait, let me... Wait, I'll remember...: It was... Krillorro! Was it?
β€” Zorroargh: Krill and I's teleportation experiment...
Krill laughs. Ba-Ben Len wonders how this will end.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy looks around: Can you tell me where we are?
β€” Azazor murmurs: Tepsen still not dead? Madness keeps alive!
β€” Zorroargh: Oops! Sorry, dear colleague.
Craftjenn sends a beer to Tepsen Be'Laroy.
β€” Zamoor: Towards a fire or away from a fire? Fireproof clothing?
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: And there's a lot of you. What's going on here?
Kyriann wonders who this oddball is.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy looks carefully at Zorroargh: Oh, it wasn't Krillorro.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Dearest Tepsen, what else have you invented?
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: You, you were with him when I saw him.
β€” Krill shelters her byrh: Oy. Are you still being chased by the yubos?
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: You introduced him to me.
β€” Eolinius gasps: Tepsen?? The one linked to the DEATH of the Ranger Guide???
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy frowns and looks at Krill: Research sometimes requires putting oneself in danger, young Tryker.
Tahlaprima looks on, confused.
β€” Krill laughs: Sure, dying suffocated under the licks of yubos in love is a real risk.
β€” Kyriann: Do you think it's this one?
β€” Eolinius: His name is Tepsen, isn't it?
Tepsen Be'Laroy looks for something in his pocket, and drops some pollen.
β€” Krill Γ©ternue: Aaaaat...
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: Huh? Oh no! That'll attract them!
β€” Zorroargh: That was back in the ASA days... Without the N'.
β€” Krill: … tchiii !
Ba-Ben Len sneezes too. Tepsen Be'Laroy starts scratching.
β€” Tahlaprima: Attracting... what? holds his own sneeze.
β€” Kyriann: Tciiiii !
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy shouts: Ah! Not again!
Tahlaprima freezes. Zorroargh doesn't sneeze, but knows his eyes are about to water and stick.
β€” Azazor, casual: We need to worry.
β€” Eolinius shouts: Hey you!
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy points himself: Me?
Kyriann starts scratching his eyes and nose.
β€” Eolinius points at Tepsen Be'Laroy: You were in the Kitin's Lair with Orphie Dradius?
Tepsen Be'Laroy scratches continuously. Ba-Ben Len chases away the heliarachnes.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: Orphie who?
Zamoor sees Tepsen and understands why the term "Mad Scientist" is used to describe such a homin. Ba-Ben Len bends down to avoid the insects. Kyriann's eyes water.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy scratches himself: Damn, it always takes too long to get through!
β€” Eolinius: Don't you know Orphie Dradius, the Ranger Guide?!
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: I don't have no time to worry about that. I've got research to do!
Kyriann hears Eo well but is unable to stand up because she sneezes so much. Eolinius finds this tryker suspicious.
β€” Krill laughs: Research... Exploding straw... Floating a ba'to...
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy begins to itch less and less: Ah, it's passing at last! The wind blows the pollen away!
β€” Ba-Ben Len murmurs: Brush on the homins...
Tahlaprima remains motionless, tears in her eyes... As for Eolinius, he can't feel a thing, it must be the remnants of the black chai's effect.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy is startled by Ba-Ben Len's words: Brush on?! Oh, it's you, dear colleague! And there was something else. to Zorroargh You're of my relatives, aren't you?
β€” Zorroargh: Yes.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Lordoy Tepsen. Where did you come from?
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: Where did I come from?
β€” Kyriann blows his nose loudly: Pffffffffff!
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: Wait. A Be'Laroy! Good to see you!
β€” Ba-Ben Len: And where are you disappearing to again?
Eolinius looks around and finds all the gathered homins suddenly very strange, as if inhibited.
β€” Eolinius: But, but...
Kyriann tries to come to his senses. Tepsen Be'Laroy flinches, thinking of something. He takes a bottle from his bag containing an even smellier paste and applies it to his body with his brush.
β€” Tepsen Be'Laroy: Where I come from! But I've got to get back there right away!
β€” Eolinius: But what magic is this?
Tepsen Be'Laroy disappears.
β€” Eoliniusshouts: Stop him!
Tahlaprima wipes his eyes and... opens them again to see that Tepsen has disappeared.
β€” Krill sniffs loudly: And there he goes...
β€” Tahlaprima: ... Huh?
β€” Zorroargh bursts out laughing: He hasn't changed a bit.
β€” Kyriann: Oh dear. Too late.
— Azazor: Invisible? ramèch but that's revolutionary!
β€” Kyriann: Where is he?
β€” Azazor: To explore the kitin's lairs, that would be very useful!
β€” Eolinius: You've seen it, haven't you?
β€” Krill tries to wipe his nose before it runs into his byrh: Revolutionary, you bet... He's been doing this a long time... But it still stinks.
Eolinius est abasourdi.
β€” Zorroargh: You're absolutely right, Krill.
β€” Eolinius: Er...
β€” Tahlaprima: I'll... be back in a moment... wink.
β€” Azazor to Krill: I didn't know that one.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: He appears and disappears without taking the time to explain anything.
β€” Krill to Azazor: You don't know how lucky you are...
Eolinius is taken aback.
β€” Zorroargh: He did it to Krill and me... A long time ago.
β€” Azazor: Do the rangers have any more stuff like that? Don't they want to share?
Krill has already been used as a guinea pig and didn't like it too much. Tahlaprima lets out a thunderous sneeze. Krill is startled by the sound.
β€” Azazor: Is that teleportation ointment?
β€” Tahlaprima returns with a runny nose: beg you bardon.
β€” Krill: Oy. Something like that.
Kyriann's zoz are still clogged from sneezing too much.
β€” Zorroargh: Yes, that's what he says and what we've been experimenting with.
β€” Krill: Last time, the place of arrival depended on the time of day, the direction of the wind, and I don't know what else. Preferably in the middle of a pack of hungry beasts.
β€” Zorroargh: Worse than the flyners!
β€” Eolinius: Pfff! Apparently I'm the only one interested in Orphie Dradius. Even the Rangers don't give a damn. The new research is going to be beautiful with this college, I'm telling you.
Kyriann smiles at Eolinius, who invokes the contents of a pact. Krill is totally unconcerned by the grumbling to her right.
β€” Azazor: Well, I'll be off too, but with something even more revolutionary. It's called walking on foot. You lazy bastards should try it instead of using your pacts.
Tahlaprima chuckles softly.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Thank you Azazor.
β€” Canillia: And how do you leave here, on foot?
β€” Nilstilar, low: Heavens! A drill sergeant!
Zorroargh laughs.
β€” Azazor to Canillia: I know a lot of ways, orskos.
β€” Canillia Γ  Nilstilar: Nec. A Legionnaire.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Are you scheduling a first meeting?
β€” Zorroargh: I think it would be good if it were as I proposed. Otherwise the N'ASA will fall asleep again...
Ostium nods.
β€” Zorroargh: Let's change it from there.
β€” Ostium: At least to launch it at first. We'll space it out after one or two meetings.
β€” Zorroargh: That's it.
 β€” Nilstilar: I propose that the invitation be accompanied by the following agenda "Come and tell us what topic you'd personally like to dig into."
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Very good idea
β€” Zorroargh: J'approuve.
Tahlaprima nods.
β€” Lorlyn decides to return to the bar before falling asleep on the spot: Lorandoy!
β€” Ba-Ben Len: Nair Zo'ro, I'll be there for the first meeting. But in the meantime I must rejoin my tribe.
Zorroargh is grateful to Ba-Ben Len.
β€” Ba-Ben Len: I thank you for your invitation.
Ostium is grateful to Ba-Ben Len. Ba-Ben Len bows to Zorroargh. Zamoor curtsies to Ba-Ben Len.
β€” Zorroargh: I leave you too, my friends. And thank you for your presence and your ideas.
 β€” Nilstilar: Goodbye, college!
Tahlaprima bows politely. Canillia bows respectfully.
β€” Zamoor: It's a pleasure to have seen you in this space... I thank you for the invitation.
β€” Kyriann: Seelagan.
β€” Canillia: I'll leave you too.
Zamoor curtsies to Zorroargh.
 β€” Nilstilar: And fila for this unexpected brainstorm. smiles.