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N'ASA Meetings Minutes

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When documents need to be arranged in chronological order, such as meeting minutes, NASA uses the ISO standard for dates (Standard NΒ° 4).

The word "ISO", chosen to be the identical acronym in all Atys languages and dialects, is a standards organization of representatives from national standards organizations of the four nations.

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Liste de dates des rapports

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Atys studies... from the heights (Ostium)

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10h - Quarta, Fallenor 16, 3e AC 2610

    Zo'ro-argh leaves the hut where he is staying to go to the place of the Rangers' meetings, right next to the ruined building that was used for the first ASA meetings.
    No sooner is he seated than his colleague and friend Ostium arrives, soon joined by Do'Ro Thee. Perhaps it was the arrival of Eolinius that brought up in the Trykette's mind the horrible rudeness in the Lakes, for she realised that she had forgotten to bring her barrel of byrh. Desperate, Do' drew a barrel and mugs on the ground, and Ostium, in gallant homineness, offered to run out and buy some drink.

    Taking advantage of this wait, Zo': explained the rules of the "talking stick" used during N'ASA meetings, a method developed with Nair Liverion Scientist Directory to keep meetings short and therefore "disciplined".
βˆ’ Zorroargh: The idea is this: the master of ceremonies has a carved stick.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: This is the 'talking stick'.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: At the beginning of the meeting, it is given to the first speaker.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Only he who has the stick can speak.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: If you want to answer him, question him, etc... raise your hand.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Then he who has the stick holds it out to one of those who raised his hand.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: The latter asks his question or comment, and at the end passes the stick to someone else....
βˆ’ Eolinius, smiling: Does it also work with a bottle of Byrh?
At this point, Ostium comes back with a Byrh barrel.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: The master of ceremonies himself obeys this rule, unless he considers that the speaking time is too monopolised by some.
βˆ’ Ostium places the barrel in the place designed by Do'ro: Here you are. It is there for all the homins who are thirsty!.
- Zorroargh: Thank you Nair Ostium. I've finished my little talk and you'll get a copy.
To put the rules he had just stated into practice, Zo' hands the talking stick to Ostium.
- Zorroargh: It's up to you and you alone to speak now!
- Ostium: Oh, I understand. Thank you!
Kyriann Ba'Zephy arrived in the meantime. Zo' greets her silently, putting his finger on his mouth while showing that Ostium had started to speak. Zo' whispers to Do' to replace him without hesitation in case of unexpected absences.
βˆ’ Ostium: Nair Zorroargh, should I start with the first subject or are we waiting for a few more homins?
βˆ’ Zorroargh: When you feel like it, Nair.
Ostium nodded his head, and began.
βˆ’ Ostium: So. As some of you know, I've been interested in studying Atys... from the heights.
βˆ’ Ostium: And I seem to recall having experienced it many years ago.
βˆ’ Ostium: You were there, Nair Zorroargh, I believe.
βˆ’ Ostium: It was an experiment by Winny Mac'Wytter to test the feasibility of a legend.
βˆ’ Ostium: Legend has it that some Trykers managed to escape from a slave [1] camp by grasping the stem of a flyner and cutting it off.
βˆ’ Ostium: They would have flown to the canopy.
βˆ’ Ostium: So, I was one of the guinea pigs, and I tried the experiment....
βˆ’ Ostium, whispering: Young unconscious as I was then!
βˆ’ Ostium: And what I know now is that you can come out of it alive, but it's not reliable enough to use it again.
- Ostium searches his memory: And... The famous Liverion was there too, I think.
Zorroargh nods.
Dorothee raises her hand
βˆ’ Ostium gives the stick of speech to Dorothee.: We are listening.
βˆ’ Dorothee: It was Derry O'Darren [1] who reported these events which are certainly not a legend.
Ostium raises his hand
βˆ’ Dorothee: Moreover I noticed a homin bearing the title of "graduate flyner pilot" probably acquired following training given by homins returning from the Canopy.
βˆ’ Dorothee: Perhaps we could contact them to continue this training, which would allow us to experiment and see what improvements we could make.
Dorothee returns the stick to Ostium.
Eolinius shows his badge and raises his hand while Kyriann searches her bag, hoping to find hers.

Dorothee looks at the badge of Eolinius, admiring, and Zorroargh mumbles, grumpy: I'm not looking. My badge fell over Windermeer while I was walking around.
βˆ’ Ostium: Grytt Nair Dorothee. I'll be brief for the rest.
βˆ’ Ostium: I didn't know about Derry O'Darren. It was Rosen Ba'Darins[1], Winny Mac'Wytter's mentor, who told him the facts. She hadn't dared to follow the adventurous trykers.
Dorothee glances at Kyriann's and, a little jealous, pulls out a mug: "hmmmmm" and shrugs her shoulders with an indifferent mood.
βˆ’ Ostium: Next. I doubt we can tame flyners. Their behaviour is too erratic according to the winds. But I think that we could attach several of them to a nacelle to have more inertia.
βˆ’ Ostium: One solution we had considered was to use plums too, but they would have to be taken out of the Prime Roots.
Zorroargh raises his hand
βˆ’ Ostium: I'm talking to engineers about the possibility of a gondola. Any help for this project is welcome!
Dorothee nods her head.
βˆ’ Ostium hands the talking stick to Eolinius: Grytt. I'm finished.
βˆ’ Eolinius: Grytt Ny-Ost.
Kyriann raises her hand.
βˆ’ Eolinius: Actually, I flew there twice on a flyner.
βˆ’ Eolinius: The first was for the wedding of Locian and Denen in 2592.
βˆ’ Eolinius: Locian had taken a flyner and had drifted into the camp of the slavers.
βˆ’ Eolinius: If I remember correctly...
βˆ’ Kyriann: We had to go and get her ....
Dorothee burst out laughing silently
βˆ’ Eolinius: the second time I received a diploma here was in 2603, when the botanist Nili O'Toolyn gave a course on flyners.
βˆ’ Eolinius: Here's to set the record straight.
Meanwhile, Kurutani joins the meeting.
Dorothee raises her hand.
Eolinius gives the stick to Zorroargh.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Thank you Eolinus, and thank you for these old memories :).
βˆ’ Zorroargh: I just had one question for Nair Ostium: why the pluns? It's true that flyners are unreliable and you have to wait a very long time for them to get the right size... years..
βˆ’ Zorroargh: The pluns, what would they bring?.
βˆ’ Zorroargh holds out the talking stick to Dorothee: I'll leave you to think about the answer while Do'ro uses the "talking stick" she asked for.
Ostium nods his head and saves his answer for later.
Dorothee thinks... flying in the Prime Roots...
βˆ’ Zorroargh: I wonder if Doro isn't dreaming while holding the talking stick...
Kyriann raises her hand, hoping to be seen this time.
βˆ’ Dorothee: Although I haven't practiced, I've been thinking about it for a while now.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: (Oops, sorry Kyriann).
βˆ’ Dorothee: first of all one could more or less control the altitude by carrying weights. and as the winn's change direction according to the altitude....
βˆ’ Dorothee: I could then notice that the airplanes used their speed to control their ascent or descent, and also their direction.
βˆ’ Dorothee: We could use the asymmetry of the flyners, and attach wires in several places to modify the atyssometry.
βˆ’ Dorothee: and thus change direction and speed.
βˆ’ 'Dorothee: finally we could cut out windows in the flyner that we could open more or less with the help of wires or rods to modify their bearing capacity.
βˆ’ Dorothee passes the stick to Kyriann: grytt, I'm finished on this point...
Kyriann doesn't understand much but listens in admiration.
Kyriann takes the stick stunned by all these explanations.
Ostium is pensive and can't wait to test all these ideas.
βˆ’ Kyriann: Bravo Dorothee and grytt for the stick.
Eolinius nods his head
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Raise your hand.
βˆ’ Ostium: ( for information, Lylanea told me that she arrived a little after 10pm. Impossible to arrive before this evening ).
βˆ’ Kyriann: But don't want to shower your dreams...Eny Nili O'Toolyn who is the botanist today is very, very, very reluctant to use flyners.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: (never mind: that's why we randomly change the day: to give everyone a chance to participate).
βˆ’ Kyriann: For as Zo'ro said...
βˆ’ Kyriann: They grow slowly and they have to be big to fly.
βˆ’ Kyriann: So every time I took part in a flight, Nili insisted that I shouldn't do it often.
Zorroargh nods
βˆ’ Kyriann: And not too many of them either.
βˆ’ Kyriann: Then several in one pod ....
βˆ’ Kyriann: Put several of them*.
βˆ’ Kyriann: I think she's going to start screaming loudly.
Kyriann gives the stick back to Ostium.
βˆ’ Ostium takes the stick: Grytt. Didn't anyone want to speak before?
βˆ’ Ostium: Well, then I'll answer to Nair Zo'Ro.
βˆ’ Ostium: We had thought of the plums because of their weight, and their... structure.
βˆ’ Ostium: In the heights, the main problem I can imagine when I see the plants twirling and the birds toiling is the wind.
βˆ’ Ostium: The pluns are much more massive than flyners, and gusts of wind will not make them deviate so much a priori.
βˆ’ Ostium: Moreover, they seem to be made up of the cohabitation between a plant and an animal, which could perhaps be tamed to move in the direction one wishes. This theory is still only a supposition of course.
Kyriann scratches her head
βˆ’ Ostium: But a solid and heavy gondola, supported by numerous flyners, would also offer this wind resistance. I'm not yet fixed on the option to be considered.
βˆ’ Ostium, raising the stick: Does anyone wish to add anything?
Zorroargh raise his hand...
Kyriann raises her hand, Dorothee too.
Kyriann smiles
βˆ’ Ostium: Hmm, sul spoke just before ny-amn. Senn.
Ostium hands the stick to Dorothee
βˆ’ Kyriann smiles: sul have forgotten Zo'ro!
βˆ’ Ostium: Oh oops, I didn't see Zorroargh!
Zorroargh smiles. Dorothee passes the stick to Uncle Zo'
βˆ’ Ostium: Rewind and I hand the stick to Zorroargh? Do you agree?.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Keep the stick, Doro, I'll talk later..
Ostium hides
βˆ’ Zorroargh': (^^).
Kurutani receives a messenger izam
βˆ’ Dorothee: of course, there is no question of massacring the ecosystem of the lakes and the use of flyners should be limited to homin training and scientific research.
βˆ’ Kurutani whispers: I must leave you, sorry for the inconvenience.
Ostium nods to Kurutani
Kurutani bows respectfully.
Kyriann and Eolinius wave to Kurutani.
βˆ’ 'Dorothee: I have also thought of using smaller plants with a luciograph.
βˆ’ Dorothee: Controlled from the ground it should allow one or more homins to make lucios from the sky in order to obtain more precise maps.
βˆ’ Dorothee': Provided that these homins have followed the training both in flight and in luciography, of course..
βˆ’ Dorothee passes the stick to Uncle Zo: voilΓ ...
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Thank you, Doro. I'll add an idea for my friend Ostium.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: She's crazy, I know... but....
Ostium waits patiently to raise his hand
βˆ’ Zorroargh: We Tryker, and inhabitants of the Lakes are children of the wind.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: We were taught how to make windmills.
Kyriann smiles and nods.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: I often wondered: if the wind was still, and the turbine was turning, would it bring the wind up?.
Dorothee thinks that Eolinius family must know something about it
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Here's the crazy idea I wanted to share :).
Ostium raises his hand
Zorroargh gives the stick to Ostium and hopes that he has not been blind.
βˆ’ 'Ostium takes the stick: Grytt *
βˆ’ Ostium: First of all, I would like to congratulate Nair Do'Ro ThΓ©e for this brilliant idea of having only the luciograph ascend into the sky.
βˆ’ Ostium: If we use small flyners held by a rope, and supporting the device - and if we manage to trigger them remotely - it would allow us to get results much more quickly.
βˆ’ Ostium: Then the engineers told me about propellers actually Nair Zo'Ro. But they didn't yet know how to put them on as they are heavy in themselves.
Zorroargh thinks very hard.
βˆ’ Ostium: But if the lift is obtained for the weight of a homin and the propeller, then perhaps it would allow us to steer the aircraft.
βˆ’ Ostium: Next, some have mentioned the idea of making it rotate very quickly horizontally, but we don't yet know what might happen.
Ostium hands the stick to Kyriann
βˆ’ Kyriann smiles to Ostium: Grytt ny-Amn...
Lylanea waves to Kyriann, Ostium, Zorroargh, Eolinius, Dorothee who all wave back.
- Lylanea: Hello.
- Kyriann: Just a little word. Have you thought about studying small animals? There are Heliarachnes in the emptiness that could serve as a model for you.
βˆ’ Lylanea: Sorry I'm late.
βˆ’ Kyriann: Y loves those little beasts!
βˆ’ Ostium is startled and whispers: Mais oy!...
βˆ’ Lylanea: [working late].
Dorothee nods, Kyriann hands the stick to Zo'ro
βˆ’ Ostium shows the talking stick in Kyriann's hands to Lylanea and whispers: that's how it works tonight.
βˆ’ Lylanea: Hm?.
βˆ’ Kyriann': (Oki).
βˆ’ Ostium whispers to Lylanea: He who speaks is he who has the staff.
βˆ’ Lylanea: Uh-huh, good.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Well, as this meeting is focused on (shared) concerns of Ostium, I think it is wise to hand him the stick for the conclusions.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: *Hands the stick to Ostium.
Kyriann nods
βˆ’ Ostium, taking the stick : Grytt. So I will give my conclusions. They are by no means an obligatory direction to follow.
βˆ’ Ostium': So, our objective on this point is to have a high view of Atys, and - let's be crazy - to try to reach the canopy.
βˆ’ Ostium: For this, we now have 3 angles of approach to experiment.
βˆ’ Ostium, corrcting himself : Sorry, even 4.
βˆ’ 'Ostium: The first one, the one that, in my opinion, will give us the most information in the short term, and to fix a luciograph on a small flyner held by a rope.
βˆ’ Eolinius: Excuse me, but I must leave you.
Lylanea waves to Eolinius.
βˆ’ 'Ostium: The second, which will probably require the least engineering and effort afterwards, will be to try to make a gondola supported by several flyners.
Zorroargh is grateful to Eolinius and waves to him.
Kyriann blows a kiss to Eolinius.
βˆ’ Ostium: Oh, lorandoy then ny-Eol.
βˆ’ Lylanea: Lorandoy, Ny-Eo.
- Eolinius: thank you for this invitation and I hope to see you next time.
Eolinius bows respectfully.
Dorothee makes a most courteous bow to Eolinius.
Ostium waves to Eolinius.
βˆ’ Ostium: Then, I don't know which to put first:
βˆ’ Ostium: The study of plunges, and how we might find a way to bring them to the surface, knowing that they may be too large for wormholes and that we don't know if they will survive the sun.
βˆ’ Zorroargh whispers to Ostium : no one will be offended by your choice ;) )
βˆ’ Ostium smiles: Thank you Nair.
βˆ’ Ostium: And finally, the study of heliarachnes and other small flying animals, to know how they maintain themselves in the air.
Kyriann says she would like to study heliarachnes
βˆ’ Ostium: For my part, I would start by looking at the first two options, but I invite everyone to explore the other possibilities.
βˆ’ Ostium: Can I ask everyone if they are thinking of exploring any of these areas? And which one? ( he raises the stick up, sign that everyone can speak)
Lylanea wonders what this is all about
Ostium turns his head, looking at his mates ...
βˆ’ Zorroargh: I, for my side, will look for the propeller solution...
βˆ’ Kyriann (shy): I could study the little beasts?
βˆ’ Ostium, smiling to Kyriann : Of course ny-Amn.
βˆ’ Kyriann: but I'm not a great scientist, I'm more of a storyteller...
βˆ’ Ostium, laughing : I'll help you, and then you'll tell me stories...
βˆ’ Kyriann smiling happily : Grytt Ny-Amn.
βˆ’ Ostium gives the stick back to Zorroargh: I think we're done with that point.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Thank you Nair Ostium. This meeting, the first in a long time, was most interesting. I will disseminate this work as soon as possible to motivate other researchers to get started.
βˆ’ 'Zorroargh: I think we can conclude the meeting for tonight....
βˆ’ Ostium: Raise your hand. Oh, sorry!
- Zorroargh: Yes?.
Dorothee approves
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Thank you all for your contribution :).
βˆ’ Ostium: I have forgotten the fifth option, the most dangerous, which is to manage to modify the flyners so that only a homin can use them.
βˆ’ Lylanea: I knew it.
βˆ’ Ostium: By ballasting them in places, or making holes to change their bearing capacity.
βˆ’ Ostium: Sorry, now I'm done...
βˆ’ Zorroargh: It will be noted anyway, Nair Ostium :).
βˆ’ Dorothee: I'll try to give you a drawing of my ideas.
βˆ’ Ostium: Grytt Nair Dorothee.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: it will be in the notes. We will be able to change them anyway if necessary because you will see them.
βˆ’ Zorroargh: Lorandoy ad toll.
βˆ’ 'Dorothee: Before we leave I'd like to know if Nair Lyla has any suggestions, ideas.
βˆ’ Kyriann: Lorandoy Zo al grytt.
βˆ’ Dorothee: poofs
βˆ’ Zorroargh leaves the talking stick to Dorothee and go to the hut he rented*.
Ostium and Kyriann wave to Zorroargh.
Kyriann makes a sign to Zorroargh.
βˆ’ Ostium: Lorandoy Nair Librarian.
βˆ’ Dorothee: nite nite uncle

  1. ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 Reference to the chronicle : "A Flyner Escape"

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