Amber of occupations
Getting materials and weapons required to make tools
Master Zemolion Aeros
Type of Activity Foraging and Crafting
Difficulty +
Special Item Improved tools that can increase the potential yield
Yields A friendly tool that provides a large bonus to balance for a short time
Mission 1/2
Tasks Gather necessary materials to bring to the Master Toolmaker who will give solid materials for tool component
Location You have the choice of the ecosystem for each material to bring back
Mission 2/2
Tasks Prepare or pick up one of the weapons required, give it to the Master Toolmaker to obtain materials for the main component of the tool
Location The different regions of the Desert (or other: You have the choice for each material to bring back).
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Toolmaker is one of the 8 occupations, and one of the 2 taught by the Fyros. Of those two, it is the easier occupation, taking place in the normal regions of the Burning Desert. It mostly involves quartering and/or foraging specific materials, and crafting several light melee weapons. The consumables created by this occupation give a bonus to stamina regeneration.

Known issue: The mission descriptions for this occupation are lacking a number of "or", so that it seems like you need to do every task you are told while in fact you only need to do either of the tasks. See the mission sections for more details.


Origins of the Toolmaker's trade

Other homin breeds often mock the fact that the profession of Fyros toolmaker was born out of the burning desire of each Fyros to make objects more and more difficult to reach. And most Fyros would say this with pride, and point out that other breeds always say it with a pinch of jealousy.

All Homin civilizations have made tools as far back as their history goes. Tools have been the driving force behind the progress of civilization, and the best measure of it. Although not remarkable toolmakers in the early ages, the Fyros became unique in their tool making once they began building cities and mastering fire. They were the only homin race willing to use fire on an industrial scale, something other races avoided because of the risk of forest fires, which the Fyros in their desert did not have to worry about.

While the other races prohibited such use of fire, the Fyros built huge forges in their cities. While the Zoraïs fashioned their tools out of amber, the Trykers tied pieces of shells with fibers and the Matis cultivated their tools like living plants, the Fyros, in their large forges, hardened their wooden tools to make them more resistant than the tools of other civilizations.

The opening of the water route provided an enormous demand for these tools, as the Fyros and Trykers decided to build an aqueduct from the lakes to the desert. Only the hardened Fyros tools proved to be sufficient for digging the bark. The increase of the waterway trade also led the Fyros to export many tools to the Trykers. Tools that the Matis in turn possessed when they conquered the Trykers' lands.

Matis and Tryker thus learned to appreciate Fyros tools. After the end of the war, both countries imported Fyros tools, while continuing to make their own tools. Even the Zoraïs, isolated behind their great wall, imported Fyros tools, but never in large quantities. The few tools they imported often became precious exotic treasures prized by the Zorai master craftsmen.

The great disasters of the 25th century could not dampen the Fyros' enthusiasm for forging. Coriolis fire increased the Fyros' anxiety about the dangers of fire, but it was short-lived, as forged weapons proved essential in repelling the Matis invasion that followed. And knowledge of the tools was widespread enough to survive the Great Sword. With the few tools that the Fyros refugees managed to take with them to the New Lands, they immediately built a new Forge in Pyr, which was one of the first buildings in the city.

But for decades, the great Forge was closed to the public, as the Emperor and the Senate had decided that it was crucial to concentrate their efforts on rebuilding the Empire. "The Forge is the heart of our Empire, and we cannot have all the amateur toolmakers wandering around in there, disrupting operations and depleting vital resources to make sophisticated odds and ends themselves". The tools of the forge were essential for various Fyros construction projects, such as Thesos and Dyron, the roads across the desert, the bridges over the forbidden canyon, the canal near Thesos, and finally the outposts.

As the new Fyros Empire became more established and secure, the population began to demand that the forge be opened for public use. But the official opening to the public was delayed again and again for years, which in retrospect was attributed to corruption in the Senate and the akenak assembly. It was alleged that the akenak received bribes from the Zessen family who wanted to maintain their monopoly on the Forge.

Finally, the corrupt akenak and the senators were ousted in 2547. The only thing that still delayed the public opening of the Forge was the slowness of the Fyros bureaucracy. When a drought threatened the Burning Desert in 2551, the Senate realized that the population would need encouragement to cross it. They precipitated the measure in force and finally gave the order to open the forge, and the profession of toolmaker, to the whole public.

Special Item

Improved Tool

Improved Tool

You'll receive one Improved Tool when you take on the toolmaker occupation, and one whenever you retake the mission while you're already a toolmaker (possible every 2 days).

Created Item

Basic Tool

Using 4 Materials for the Handle and 4 Materials for the Main Element, you can create a number of Tools.

Tools can only be used while sitting down, and they increase your balance and thus your stamina regeneration for a short time.

The most basic form is the Q10 Basic Tool. It takes 1 second to consume, and increases your balance by 100 for 10 seconds. This effectively gives you +40 stamina regeneration (or +80 stamina regeneration if you're sitting down) during those 10 seconds. It prevents the use of any other occupation products for 20 seconds.

For details on the higher grades of Tools, see Occupation Products.


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