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Personal Amber of Almati
Race Matis
Gender Male
Nation Matis
↳ Status
Death missing during the Great Swarm
Non-playable character

Disambig icon.png This article is about Almati, a botanist. For the region of the old lands, see Almati Wood.

Almati was one of the most famous Matisian botanists, organic architect and rumoured alchemist, credited for developing ways to accelerate the growth of young trees and creating what is now known as Almati Wood; a region in the old lands where a lot of his research was conducted.


At the end of his life Almati became master botanist of the Matisian royal court. His responsibilities involved planting the tree houses to be used for royal apartments of future generations. Almati chose a special place to nurture the saplings. In a few years he planted hundreds of seedlings in a place that soon bore his name.

His knowledge allowed him to accelerate the growth of young trees. Soon a forest full of beautiful trees with soft light coming down in shafts through the thick foliage was born. This place became a favourite of many Matis loving slow walks and enjoying the sense of sweet melancholy.

Soon there appeared a rumor that Almati was in fact an alchemist and was breaking all the high rules of matisian botany to reach his goals faster. However Almati's proximity to the royal family discouraged further investigation and gave him ample resources. Several would be investigators mysteriously disappeared in the Almati Wood. Critics kept spreading the rumors and secretly trying to undermine his authority as the old man and his devoted young assistants worked in a secret laboratory located in underground caverns buried beneath the roots of trees. None of his enemies succeeded in discovering the entrance.

As the rumor grew even stronger with disappearance of many of his subjects, the king finally decided to ask his master effectuator to investigate this matter. By a stroke of luck or maybe ill fate for Almati, a few days later the Great Swarm fell upon the Matisian kingdom. Like many others, Almati disappeared and search for his legendary caves became the obsession of many alchemists and botanists.

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