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Batao Salvo
Official page of the Ryzom Lore
Latest edition: Zorroargh, 28.08.2023
Taxonomic Amber
Batao in winter
Batao winter.jpg
Kingdom Plants
Category Tree
Main Ecosystem(s) Jungle
Counterattack type None
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2023-08-28)

Batao roosted on a zoraï bar

Medium sized fruit tree, the batao (sometimes called salvo) has a ribbed trunk that grows larger at the base with age. Its branches look like hanging hair.

In the spring, it displays a multitude of small pale pink flowers that exude a sweetish fragrance. Its red and fleshy fruits are enjoyed in the summer by Zoraïs.

The kernel contained in the stone is ground to produce an oil used for hair and mask care.

The cream coloured wood of the batao is very light; it is used in joinery and used for the making of interior panels.

There are also bataos that grow directly on certain zoraï buildings, with a different trunk, the tree being affected by the contact with concentrated amber.

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