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Taxonomic Amber
Kingdom Plants
Category Tree
Main Ecosystem(s) Desert
Counterattack type None
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2021-03-11)

The botoga (said sometimes bodoa) is a high tree with an engorged trunk, whose leaves look like thick sunshades of bark.

Like many desert plants, its flowers, located at the very top of its canopy, hatch only once a year. Their large pollens are able to fly long distances.

Its fruit, which resembles a big nut, contains seeds of tangy taste; the pulp of these seeds has astringent properties.

Its wood, too soft and saturated with water (from which it is indeed a precious source) was in ancient times used to make paper when dried.

Its bark and leaves are used as an infusion by the Fyros for their antipyretic power.

It is nicknamed “Bodoc of the Desert” because of its massive appearance and its branches resembling horns. The tale of Glump's exile stems from this analogy.

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