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Watching Thesos burn.

Fighting Fire With Fire was an event in the Tears of the Emperor event chain. In this event, Matis troops conquered and sacked the Fyros town of Thesos.

This event was the result of an earlier event in which players could chose to dig materials for either the Fyros or for the Matis. At the end of that event, the Matis side had received more materials, thus the Matis army won the battle for Thesos.


Tensions had been building between the Matis and the Fyros for a while, and the Fyros had stationed troops at the border. After attacks on these troops by Matis, the Fyros had also stationed troops on the Matis side of the border.

The Matis called upon volunteers to dig materials for a secret weapon with which to destroy the Fyros.

Summary of the event

The materials that had been dug for the Matis were used to construct the secret weapon. King Yrkanis ordered a small group of volunteers, including the Matis Nobles, to escort the secret weapon to the front line and to then use it to conquer the Savage Dunes region, while Prince Stevano would follow with the Matis army.

The secret weapon turned out to be yubo's which were specially trained to drop bombs in the middle of the Fyros army. Commanded by Trigio the Yubo Whisperer, these yubombs quickly laid waste to the Fyros force in Hidden Source. Roused by the success, the small group crossed the border into Savage Dunes and also eliminated the Fyros forces there.

There was some hesitation amongst the volunteers about using the yubombs on a town, but eventually the majority of them decided to take Thesos as well. The Imperial Army regiment in Thesos was quickly annihilated by the yubombs, but the town guard chose not to resist the invasion. The Nobles, as the highest ranking Matis on scene, decided to demand the surrender of the town.

But at that moment, Prince Stevano arrived with the Matis army. The Prince immediately ordered the town sacked and burned to the ground, despite protests of the volunteers who had taken the town in the first place. He then reportedly rode off into the sunset cackling and gloating as the town burned, the genocidal maniac.


Thesos was burning and occupied by Matis troops for months before the Fyros re-established the town.


The Fyros blockade

A regiment of Fyros troops at the border. The main force of Fyros troops at the border. Izam's eye view of the main force.

Escorting the secret weapon

King Yrkanis instructs the players as to their mission. The players escort the secret weapon to Hidden Source. The secret weapon arrives within striking distance of the Fyros troops. The secret weapon revealed: Trigio, the Yubo Whisperer.

Deploying the secret weapon

Players watch the yubomb go. The yubomb approaches the Fyros troops. Boom! The yubomb douses the Fyros in toxic gas. Players watch as the Fyros troops are gassed group by group.

A yubomb goes off inside the main Fyros army. And spreads death and destruction! And while the survivors are wondering what just happened... ...another yubomb goes off! And the renaming Fyros soldiers also keel over dead.

Yubombing Savage Dunes

The Fyros troops in Savage Dunes get yubombed. The result: Lots of dead Fyros troops. Nearby animals also succumb to the poison, giving the kipucka a feast.

Players inspect the result of the yubombing. A yubomb is sent across the outpost to the next group of Fyros troops. Once again, the troops fall to the poison.

Taking Thesos

The player group approaches Thesos. The Fyros troops in Thesos are yubombed. The players take control of Thesos.

The sacking of Thesos

Prince Stevano arrives in Thesos with the Matis army. And orders his troops to kill the population. Matis troops having slaughtered the town. Then the Prince orders the town set on fire.

The burning of Thesos

Thesos burns as Matis troops loot the town. The tower of Thesos is also set on fire. A Matis soldier watches as the storage of Thesos burns.

Deep into the night, the town is still burning. Curious onlookers watch the town burn. Izam's eye view of the carnage the Matis troops inflicted.

The bar of Thesos

The Matis invaders don't succeed in taking the Thesos bar, so no victory party for them. But this doesn't save the barman from the wrath of the Matis.

Official Announcement